Quesadillas and Ice Cream

Remember the other day when I asked about afternoon snacks? Well, I’m still trying to find a winner. Yesterday and today I had yogurt with cereal and extra milk. I don’t know why I like Greek Yogurt with milk over regular runny yogurt but I do. Din-ah! I made quesadillas last night and enjoyed them so much I made them again. I go through phases where I become obsessed with one … [Read more...]

RER Interview


This morning I met local journalism student/RER reader Ryah, at Starbucks. She wanted to interview me for her features writing class. I sipped an iced coffee while pretending to be interesting for her paper. I think it went okay and I didn’t say the “B” word too many times so we’ll see if she gets an “A”. Nice to meet you Ryah! I randomly peeked into the Ralphs next door … [Read more...]

Morning Hunger


Happy Wednesday! I am doing just okay with my efforts to stop snacking after dinner, but I am also waking up hungry. This means I steal Ben’s oatmeal when he’s in the shower. As shown by the oatmeal stain on my running shirt… In less embarrassing news, I feel like my legs are recovered from the marathon and I’m signing up for another half today! I’ve also been eating half … [Read more...]