Morning Hunger

Happy Wednesday! I am doing just okay with my efforts to stop snacking after dinner, but I am also waking up hungry. This means I steal Ben’s oatmeal when he’s in the shower. As shown by the oatmeal stain on my running shirt…

IMG 0932 600x800 thumb Morning Hunger

In less embarrassing news, I feel like my legs are recovered from the marathon and I’m signing up for another half today! IMG 0933 600x800 thumb Morning Hunger

I’ve also been eating half my breakfast before I take a picture of it. IMG 0936 800x600 thumb Morning Hunger

In more embarrassing news, I fingered the hell out of the pumpkin cream cheese spread and may have grabbed an extra piece of bread to really go at it. IMG 0939 800x600 thumb Morning Hunger

I have a coffee date with a stranger this morning. Hopefully, I’ll keep my embarrassing habits at home but I make no promises wlEmoticon smile20 Morning Hunger

Have you seen this video of a lady with a magic belly?! Too cute. (You have to go to that website to see it.)image thumb19 Morning Hunger

have some Morning Hunger

Question: Do you wake up hungry? Do you eat breakfast first thing or wait until you’re at work/after a workout?


  1. says

    It depends! But If I am doing a morning workout I have a banana usually first then a larger breakfast after. I usually can put off my morning hunger for about 60-90 minutes before I die of hunger ;)

  2. Dynamics says

    I am one of those people who cannot eat breakfast until I have been up for hours. I am reading about Intermittent Fasting and find it fascinating. Not sure I can do a 24 hour fast but a 16 hour would be perfect.

  3. says

    I have to wait an hour after taking my thyroid pill before I can eat breakfast, so I try and eat a snack before bed. 1. so I’m not distracted by hunger when I’m trying to sleep and 2. to tide me over during that time. I can’t do much before I eat breakfast though, so it’s not even like I have a productive hour. I don’t function well without my food!

  4. says

    If I am really hungry, I will have piece of fruit (plum or 1/2 an orange) before a workout. Then I make a smoothie (cranberry, protein powder, apple cider, flaxseed) afterwards.
    Too funny about stealing his oatmeal. :)

  5. says

    It really depends on what I eat at night on whether or not I wake up hungry.

    Sushi – always hungry
    bbq – still full

    Usually I eat after i workout in the morning. Lately on my long runs though, I have been getting super hungry about half way through, so I think I am going to have to start eating some pb on a bagel again :)

  6. Kaelin says

    Oh that video is sooo cute!!!

    I wake up hungry if I don’t have a snack after dinner. Like 4AM growly stomach hungry. Regardless, I eat right after my morning workout before I leave for work. Breakfast might be the best part of my day!

  7. says

    I am always hungry first thing. It is like I can not get food fast enough. A couple of days ago I woke to my stomach growling at 5:30am. It is so strange because I used to skip breakfast all the time. That is no longer happening for this girl!

  8. Sarah K B says

    I usually wake up a bit hungry, but since I like to work out on an empty stomach, I don’t eat until I get to work!

    That is exciting that you signed up for a half marathon! When/where is it?

  9. Kate says

    Last night I ran after dinner and then did not eat anything before bed….I was already hungry when I went to sleep! I try not to eat anything after dinner, and feel really lucky that I LOVE oatmeal and eggs, because I can look forward to breakfast every morning right when I wake up (or right after a run of 6 miles or less).

  10. says

    I think I’m really dense–it took me, like, three times watching that video to understand how she did it! What a cute idea. I am always hungry when I wake up on the weekends, but never during the week. Waking up 2+ hours later on the weekend makes me very hungry!

  11. says

    I usually wake up hungry, which I figure makes sense because I’ve gone 8 hours without food. I always have breakfast after my workout and/or getting ready for the day…I could easily use up all my time with a leisurely breakfast :) I’ve done it before!
    I’ve tried having a snack (like half a banana, granola bar or zbar) before working out, but everything I’ve tried makes me feel gassy…which is tolerable for a lone run outside or a living room workout, but that doesn’t fly if I’m venturing to the gym!

  12. says

    It depends on the morning and what I have planned! I usually have school super early so I wake up and eat within about an hour or so from when I wake up. If I don’t have school and want to take a class at the gym or something, I’ll wait and eat breakfast after.

  13. says

    I usually try and wait a little bit before eating breakfast because it kind of “breaks my eating seal” haha and I get hungry more afterwards. But if I put it off for an hour or so after waking up, it’s not too bad and I can hold off until lunch generally.

    I used to never eat breakfast. And then I gained weight because I would binge everyday in the afternoon. Never connected the two until recently.

  14. Lindsay says

    “Fingered the hell out of the cream cheese…” hahahah. I always come to your blog for a good laugh and pick me up!

  15. says

    I go to work at oh my gosh o clock in the morning (I get there at 6am!) so I bring a greek yogurt and some dry cheerios in a baggie with me, stopping for a nonfat double latte on my way. If for some reason I am awake one morning, I will bring stuff to make protein oatmeal with me :)

  16. says

    Whoah, got SUPER confused at first with that video…but then I got it! That’s actually adorable.

    I eat right when I wake up (or within a half hour), before leaving for anywhere. The only time I leave my house before eating is if I’m going out to eat breakfast! I get starving & cranky very quickly if I have to wait too long to eat breakfast.

  17. says

    I’ve been trying to stay away from eating after dinner as well. It’s super challenging for me because since I was little I’ve always had a snack/dessert after dinner plus I wake up starving!!

  18. says

    I live for breakfast, so as soon as I get up, I’m thinking about what I’m going to make. If I run or workout, I will have a small thing to eat beforehand. I just love to eat. :-)

  19. says

    omg. cutest video. possibly EVER!!!

    as for waking up hungry … i never ever ever want to eat until i’ve had my coffee. once i’ve had my coffee, i’m more than happy to think about breakfast :)

  20. alicia says

    the more i eat at night, the hungrier i am when i wake up in the morning…weird, i know. if i snack a lot at night or eat a HUGE dinner i will be STARVING when i wake up. if i don’t have anything after dinner, i’m not usually hungry until about an hour after i wake up.

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