Morning Hunger

Happy Wednesday! I am doing just okay with my efforts to stop snacking after dinner, but I am also waking up hungry. This means I steal Ben’s oatmeal when he’s in the shower. As shown by the oatmeal stain on my running shirt…

IMG_0932 (600x800)

In less embarrassing news, I feel like my legs are recovered from the marathon and I’m signing up for another half today! IMG_0933 (600x800)

I’ve also been eating half my breakfast before I take a picture of it. IMG_0936 (800x600)

In more embarrassing news, I fingered the hell out of the pumpkin cream cheese spread and may have grabbed an extra piece of bread to really go at it. empty pumpkin cream cheese

I have a coffee date with a stranger this morning. Hopefully, I’ll keep my embarrassing habits at home but I make no promises Smile

Have you seen this video of a lady with a magic belly?! Too cute. (You have to go to that website to see it.)image

Question: Do you wake up hungry? Do you eat breakfast first thing or wait until you’re at work/after a workout?


  1. says

    It depends! But If I am doing a morning workout I have a banana usually first then a larger breakfast after. I usually can put off my morning hunger for about 60-90 minutes before I die of hunger 😉

  2. Dynamics says

    I am one of those people who cannot eat breakfast until I have been up for hours. I am reading about Intermittent Fasting and find it fascinating. Not sure I can do a 24 hour fast but a 16 hour would be perfect.

  3. says

    I have to wait an hour after taking my thyroid pill before I can eat breakfast, so I try and eat a snack before bed. 1. so I’m not distracted by hunger when I’m trying to sleep and 2. to tide me over during that time. I can’t do much before I eat breakfast though, so it’s not even like I have a productive hour. I don’t function well without my food!

  4. says

    If I am really hungry, I will have piece of fruit (plum or 1/2 an orange) before a workout. Then I make a smoothie (cranberry, protein powder, apple cider, flaxseed) afterwards.
    Too funny about stealing his oatmeal. :)

  5. says

    It really depends on what I eat at night on whether or not I wake up hungry.

    Sushi – always hungry
    bbq – still full

    Usually I eat after i workout in the morning. Lately on my long runs though, I have been getting super hungry about half way through, so I think I am going to have to start eating some pb on a bagel again :)

  6. Kaelin says

    Oh that video is sooo cute!!!

    I wake up hungry if I don’t have a snack after dinner. Like 4AM growly stomach hungry. Regardless, I eat right after my morning workout before I leave for work. Breakfast might be the best part of my day!

  7. says

    I am always hungry first thing. It is like I can not get food fast enough. A couple of days ago I woke to my stomach growling at 5:30am. It is so strange because I used to skip breakfast all the time. That is no longer happening for this girl!

  8. Sarah K B says

    I usually wake up a bit hungry, but since I like to work out on an empty stomach, I don’t eat until I get to work!

    That is exciting that you signed up for a half marathon! When/where is it?

  9. Kate says

    Last night I ran after dinner and then did not eat anything before bed….I was already hungry when I went to sleep! I try not to eat anything after dinner, and feel really lucky that I LOVE oatmeal and eggs, because I can look forward to breakfast every morning right when I wake up (or right after a run of 6 miles or less).

  10. says

    I think I’m really dense–it took me, like, three times watching that video to understand how she did it! What a cute idea. I am always hungry when I wake up on the weekends, but never during the week. Waking up 2+ hours later on the weekend makes me very hungry!

  11. says

    I usually wake up hungry, which I figure makes sense because I’ve gone 8 hours without food. I always have breakfast after my workout and/or getting ready for the day…I could easily use up all my time with a leisurely breakfast :) I’ve done it before!
    I’ve tried having a snack (like half a banana, granola bar or zbar) before working out, but everything I’ve tried makes me feel gassy…which is tolerable for a lone run outside or a living room workout, but that doesn’t fly if I’m venturing to the gym!

  12. says

    It depends on the morning and what I have planned! I usually have school super early so I wake up and eat within about an hour or so from when I wake up. If I don’t have school and want to take a class at the gym or something, I’ll wait and eat breakfast after.

  13. says

    I usually try and wait a little bit before eating breakfast because it kind of “breaks my eating seal” haha and I get hungry more afterwards. But if I put it off for an hour or so after waking up, it’s not too bad and I can hold off until lunch generally.

    I used to never eat breakfast. And then I gained weight because I would binge everyday in the afternoon. Never connected the two until recently.

  14. Lindsay says

    “Fingered the hell out of the cream cheese…” hahahah. I always come to your blog for a good laugh and pick me up!

  15. says

    I go to work at oh my gosh o clock in the morning (I get there at 6am!) so I bring a greek yogurt and some dry cheerios in a baggie with me, stopping for a nonfat double latte on my way. If for some reason I am awake one morning, I will bring stuff to make protein oatmeal with me :)

  16. says

    Whoah, got SUPER confused at first with that video…but then I got it! That’s actually adorable.

    I eat right when I wake up (or within a half hour), before leaving for anywhere. The only time I leave my house before eating is if I’m going out to eat breakfast! I get starving & cranky very quickly if I have to wait too long to eat breakfast.

  17. says

    I’ve been trying to stay away from eating after dinner as well. It’s super challenging for me because since I was little I’ve always had a snack/dessert after dinner plus I wake up starving!!

  18. says

    I live for breakfast, so as soon as I get up, I’m thinking about what I’m going to make. If I run or workout, I will have a small thing to eat beforehand. I just love to eat. :-)

  19. says

    omg. cutest video. possibly EVER!!!

    as for waking up hungry … i never ever ever want to eat until i’ve had my coffee. once i’ve had my coffee, i’m more than happy to think about breakfast :)

  20. alicia says

    the more i eat at night, the hungrier i am when i wake up in the morning…weird, i know. if i snack a lot at night or eat a HUGE dinner i will be STARVING when i wake up. if i don’t have anything after dinner, i’m not usually hungry until about an hour after i wake up.

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