Quesadillas and Ice Cream

Remember the other day when I asked about afternoon snacks? Well, I’m still trying to find a winner. Yesterday and today I had yogurt with cereal and extra milk. I don’t know why I like Greek Yogurt with milk over regular runny yogurt but I do.IMG_0966 (600x800)

Din-ah! I made quesadillas last night and enjoyed them so much I made them again. I go through phases where I become obsessed with one food and eat it every day for the rest of my life.IMG_0971 (800x600)

I served it up with roasted peppers, onions and kale chips. In case you’re into science – Roasted Red Peppers produce 146 x more happiness to your taste buds than Raw Red Peppers. Yes, it’s science.IMG_0970 (800x600)

In the biggest fail of the year I wasted a La Croix by forgetting about it in the freezer. I’m still not speaking to myself over it.IMG_0974 (600x800)

But, I attempted to buy my own love back via a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich.IMG_0975 (800x600)

It worked!IMG_0977 (800x600)

Ben tried to buy my love by washing the dishes. This worked as well, just not as good as the ice cream.IMG_0979 (800x600)


Now we’re finally planning our Panama trip. We only have the first two nights scheduled so far! If I’m not back by next Saturday send help to the Panamanian Rain Forest.


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    I just had to write a comment and thank you for your brutal honesty and humor. It is nice to read a blog that is “real”. I always read your post first when it comes up in my google reader. I have to say I am jealous of the “carb loading” :) My body loves carbs so much they catapult to my hips immediately.

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    lol, I can’t even stand it when I see my best friend completely stirs up her Greek yogurt <- making it far less thick and creamy. Now you add milk? What is with all this sacrilegious craziness? 😉

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    I want to punch my hand through this computer screen and grab that quesadilla. It looks SO good. I love when breads get a little bit crispy/burnt, so that makes it even better! Oh, and 100% agree about roasted red peppers. Go roast or go home.

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