Confession Thursday– Body Confidence

It’s Confession Thursday! But, don’t get too excited, what happens on the cruise stays on the cruise…IMG_0785 (800x600)

So this is going to be clean unlike my sense of humor.IMG_0646 (800x600)

1. I really have the worst body confidence. And I HATE shirts with cocky phrases on them. But, K Swiss recently sent me two workout shirts from Jillian Michael’s Killer Body gear line and I wanted to give them a shot. I know Jillian can pull this shirt off, but me not-so-much. IMG_0985 (800x600)

I wore the “Suck it Saddlebags” tank to the gym this morning for a strength session and was a little self conscious at first. Then, I forgot about it and just did my thing. If nothing else, I’m hoping this shirt will help me really work on those damn saddlebags!IMG_0983 (800x600)

Plus, despite the fact that I’m not completely happy with things I always say that you have to enjoy your body/life/house “as is”. Life is too short to wait for “10 pounds” to do something. Sadly, that’s something I did for years in college.

#2. But, I better slow down on the Pumpkin Butter consumption if I really want those saddlebags to go away. (See above.)IMG_0994 (800x600)

#3. I ate half a package of watermelon on the way home from the gym. So, we’ll focus on my amazing b-egg sandwich in an effort to sweep that under the rug.IMG_0998 (800x600)

#4. I bought three packages of gum for my upcoming Panama trip. Let’s just say I need to hit the store again before we leave or I won’t have any while I’m gone.

#5. We are barely planning our Panama trip and leave Saturday morning! So, I didn’t have time for an Ask a Monican vlog this week. Send me questions if you want to hear me ramble when I get back!youre not funny

Question: Do you have body confidence? Would you wear a shirt with a cocky phrase??


  1. says

    I know you feel how you feel, but I just want to say that you look fab! And if I saw someone wearing that shirt at the gym I would have a good laugh secretly to myself on the treadmill.

    • says

      oh ps can I just say – I don’t have amazing body confidence or anything, but I am now 27 weeks preggo and when I look back at my pic from when I was 4 weeks, all I can think is “AMAZING, YOU LOOK AMAZING.” and I better damn well appreciate that body when I get it back! (you mentioned baby-making in the next year. believe me. you will agree with this sentiment.)

  2. says

    If I saw someone who looked like you (aka fit) at the gym with that shirt, and I were overweight, I’d probably read it as a diss towards me. hahaha

  3. Dynamics says

    You want to see some girls with no body image issues, go to a Roller Derby Game. All sizes and shapes with skimpy outfits. Not sure how they do it. You look amazing Monica!

  4. says

    You look cute in that shirt! I don’t have the best body confidence – I definitely couldn’t wear those clothes because I think way too much about what others think of me – boo to that

  5. says

    UGh. I’ve been focusing on my saddlebags as of late. I’ve been so obsessed with my chubby arm gene that I forgot about big mama back there. Slowly butt* surely.
    I’m self conscience, but my body has been all over my blog lately. It’s like I finally said “screw it” and showed the world what I’m really working against. It feels pretty good, too!

  6. Adriana R. says

    I’m with you on the pumpkin butter. That stuff is so good! After seeing you mix it with greek yogurt I started doing it and now it’s my daily snack.

  7. says

    I would much rather wear a “suck it saddlebags” shirt than one that says “delicious” or “Hot Stuff” and anything with a phrase on the butt of your pants. Ugh those drive me nuts. Those shirts look great on you!

  8. Kristie says

    Funny story. I once had an UBER hot boyfriend, who I bought (and made him wear), a shirt that read: Stop looking at me.

  9. Marcee says

    HA …. love em all. Groovin tees. It’s better to make someone smile ….. than cry.

    You are not fat. To me (several of my BBF agree) you look very healthy Monica. Glowing eyes + bright smile + clear skin (except for those m-bites) ….. the one thing I hate are bug bites. Ugh. Of course, we cannot forget to mention that red hair. How fortunate can one be??? (I adore natural red hair. With frecks …. even better!)

    Going to try and find those ice-creams. Looks delicious.

    Wait. Hold up. Who ate all those raisin bagels? Pumpkin butter. I could buy that at TJ.

    I am shocked re those grocery store bargins. Wow. We do not have anything like that in Chicago. Not that I’ve seen in all my years of shopping.

    Have a fun vacation …. run ….. wedding …… whatever ….. in Panama. Let us know how it all went Monica!

  10. says

    I am some confidence, but I don’t think I have enough to rock shirts with phrases on them. Phrases in general, not even necessarily ones like these. Because I wouldn’t want people looking at me long enough to read them!

  11. says

    Yeah, I’m hoping someday some body confidence/lack of utter body hatred comes my way. I doubt it (fat gals can’t have everything, obviously) but still can hope, right? The shirt looks cute on you – I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  12. Chelles says

    Monica, Monica, Monica….you know what’s funny? I just told someone I work with about how I’ve been reading inspirational blogs about running marathons (i.e. yours) and how you did it sub-4. Do you know what they said? Wow, they must be in excellent shape! My response, “believe me they are”!

    We always want what we can’t have but need to learn to accept ourselves for what we are. (Yes, I just made that shit up.)

    Now quit whinning and rock that bikini bod in Panama!!!!!!!!

  13. says

    I think I’d feel awkward wearing those shirts, too, and I actually have quite a lot of body confidence (it took me a LOT of work to get here). Well, I like the “blow your body’s mind” shirt, but the muffintop & saddlebag references sound like fat-talk to me, which I’m just not a fan of!

  14. says

    As my husband likes to remind me (and I’m sure yours too) he would much rather have a wife with a boot-ay and curves than stick thin. It’s hard to believe, but isn’t that who I’m trying to look good for?

  15. says

    I would say I do have body confidence issues and I have most of my life. It is something that I am working on though not only for myself but also to be a better example for my beautiful daughter. I want her to LOVE herself and the strength she has! I have a few fun shirts like “quick chick” and “no one trains for second place”.

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