Night Before Vacation


Hello from my mom’s! Ben and I are packed and ready to head to the airport early tomorrow. We scored a direct flight from LAX and should arrive in Panama City tomorrow around 6pm. I kept snacking after lunch so I wanted to keep dinner veggie and protein based to even it out a bit. (This really seems to be a re-occurring theme this week.) I cooked half a bag of coleslaw with … [Read more...]

Favorite Halloween Costumes 2011


I’m currently packing my stuff to go to Panama! We leave early tomorrow morning and will be staying with my parents tonight so they can give us a ride to the airport. So far I have snacks packed. And a pile of clothes I want to bring. Now I have to A.) Find my travel back pack and B.) Find a way to fit all this stuff in! After a very short work shift I did a quick walk by of … [Read more...]

Marathon Weight Gain


Happy Friday! In January I was very clear about my goals for the year. One of the top ones is to get to goal weight. I even started a weight loss tab to help keep myself accountable. I started out doing really well with intuitive eating and very slowly the scale went down. Around August/September I recommitted to the cause and was making progress. I even got to 149.6 on Sept … [Read more...]