Night Before Vacation

Hello from my mom’s! Ben and I are packed and ready to head to the airport early tomorrow. We scored a direct flight from LAX and should arrive in Panama City tomorrow around 6pm. IMG 1033600x800 thumb Night Before Vacation

I kept snacking after lunch so I wanted to keep dinner veggie and protein based to even it out a bit. (This really seems to be a re-occurring theme this week.)

I cooked half a bag of coleslaw with salsa and eggs. Then, added some cheese when it was almost done. Um, I might have a serious egg addiction because I loved it and the entire time I was eating it considered only buying eggs, veggies and bread for the rest of my life. Oh, and ice cream.IMG 0541 thumb Night Before Vacation

I will be gone until next Saturday and will have very limited access to email. We know where we are staying the first four nights, but are playing the rest of the trip by ear! The third and fourth nights will be at a small village somewhere in the rain forest – not exactly blog headquarters.

So, I will be writing offline for my own memories and try to post when I get a little internet. I have a few guest posts scheduled featuring some of my favorite bloggers/runners about their top places to run, things to eat, dream races, etc. skinnyrunnerandhungryrunnergirl thumb Night Before Vacation

I will send out a confirmation email and spreadsheet for the Pile on the Miles Challenge by October 31st. Send me your name and email if you want to join, but I can’t respond until I return.

I LOVE travel posts and will try my best to document my trip, but I’m focused on enjoying it. This trip is for our anniversary/birthday/Valentine’s present. We never exchange gifts and just do one trip like this a year. So, I should kinda pay attention to him, right?weddingveilflyaway thumb Night Before Vacation

Speaking of Ben… I haven’t done Ben’s Quote of the Day for a while. When he saw my new Jillian Michaels KSWISS shirts he said, “I think Muffin Top Massacre is a day when I eat 10 muffin tops for breakfast.” muffintopmassacre thumb Night Before Vacation

Also one random time I said something about not knowing why my butt was so jiggly even though I run so much. He said, “because God answers my prayers.” Thanks for praying that Ben.

Wait – since this trip is for my anniversary, will there be cake? I hope so.weddingcake thumb Night Before Vacation

If you’re wondering “Why Panama”? It’s because we fell in love with Central America on our first big trip together and wanted to visit a new country in the region.

Last year we went to Curacao

The year before it was Belize

Our all time favorite trip was to Costa Rica. I am so bummed that I didn’t start the blog until a few months after this. It was my most amazing vacation ever!!!monicaincostarica thumb Night Before Vacation

Okay. I’ve got to hit the sack for an early wake up call tomorrow! See ya later icon smile Night Before Vacation

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  1. Christy says

    “Because God answers my prayers.” – LOL! You have a keeper there Monica! Hope you have an awesome vacation – and some yummy food. :)

  2. Brigid @ Live Breathe Huzzah says

    I love your tradition of a trip a year instead of gifts. What a great idea! You two have been to some amazing places. Enjoy every minute of it!!

  3. Crystal L. says

    Have an awesome time!!!!!

    And you forgot to add Watermelon to the few things that you could buy for the rest of your life!!!! Watermelon, frozen yogurt, and mixed nuts would be on my long list of things!!!!!!

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