Sweat Eat Repeat in Panama


Ben says the theme of this vacation is “Sweat, Eat, Repeat” because we started our day with a hike up to the top of Taboga Island’s famous cross lookout point…    See the sandbar we swam on yesterday?   That’s Panama City in the distance.  First, we SWEAT.   Then, it was time to EAT breakfast!   We left the island after breakfast … [Read more...]

Chandra Runs and Eats and Drinks


Today’s post is from Chandra of Chandras Shenanigans. I met her at the Healthy Living Summit in 2010 and now she’s my little blog friend turned real life friend. We bonded over shots in our hotel room… and lobster sliders later that evening. It was pretty epic and we’ve been talking every since. 1. Where is your favorite place to run?     Anywhere … [Read more...]