Chandra Runs and Eats and Drinks

Today’s post is from Chandra of Chandras Shenanigans. I met her at the Healthy Living Summit in 2010 and now she’s my little blog friend turned real life friend. We bonded over shots in our hotel room…monica and chandra healthy living summit

and lobster sliders later that evening. It was pretty epic and we’ve been talking every since.lobster sliders

1. Where is your favorite place to run?

    Anywhere flat!  But one of my favorite places I have ever run was along the lake in downtown Chicago.

2. What is your favorite thing to eat after you run?

Eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, chocolate milk, iced coffee… or maybe a bloody mary or a beer if it was a race day!

3. What is your favorite piece of running gear?

Definitely my iPod. I hate running without music.

5. Which race that you’ve ran is your favorite?

For full marathon Chicago was definitely my favorite course.  My favorite half is the Des Moines Half – and my favorite race of all time is Dam to Dam in Des Moines!

6. What is your favorite song to run to?

This changes from month to month, but anything upbeat works for me – some of my current favorites are:
Katy Perry – Peacock
Enrique Iglesias/Pitbull – I Like How It Feels
Matisse – Better Than Her
And anything by Lady Gaga!monica and chandra in boston bloggin

Thanks Chandra! When are we going to crash Tina’s house again?! (This time we should tell her we’re showing up first.) tina chandra and monica bloggersBoston Visit post found here Smile

Question: Ever meet someone over the internet in “real life”?


  1. says

    haha! cracked up about the Katy Perry peacock song…that’s secretly one of my favorites to run to also! It has the perfect beat…and it talks about…peacocks…lol

  2. Aleks says

    I have a few Internet-turned-real-life friends I met on a fitness/diet message board I used to be a member of. I found out that this one girl that I never met before, a fellow runner, is coming to Dublin for Halloween, so we are supposed to go out tomorrow night. I am very excited!

    Also, this post reminded me that I first found your blog through Tina, when she posted about you and Chandra coming over! And I’ve been reading ever since.

      • Aleks says

        You totally should! It’s deadly! [that means awesome in Dublin slang, as I recently learned]. And I will make it to Cali one day… I’m a bit sad I lived in in the States 4.5+ years, and never made it out West :(.

  3. says

    I have to say, yes my husband, like another commenter. Although not on a dating site, we did technically first meet online. Actually if we’re going to get REALLY technical I met his roommate online, called their house one time when he wasn’t home, and ended up talking to my future husband for many many hours.

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