Apples and Orange Shirts

Since I am still on Panama time (2 hours earlier than Pacific) I ate breakfast early and got hungry for lunch around 10am. I tried to hold it off with an apple, but that attempt was futile as apples only make me hungrier. But, Honeycrisps are sooo good, I don’t want to mix them with anything!IMG_1862 (800x600)

In an effort to stay awake I had a big glass plastic of iced coffee. Also didn’t do much.IMG_1863 (600x800)

I have a Halloween costume, but it looks like my Halloween plans are falling through. In an effort to be festive I wore my orange jack’o lantern shirt…IMG_1868 (800x600)

See that red box at my side?! It’s a heater and I’m pretty excited about it. We have no central heat in our place, so I’m hoping this does the trick of keeping us warm through the winter! (We also have a radiant heater dish from Costco, but that either burns you or freezes you!)IMG_1860 (800x600)

I had a grilled cheese before making this salad.IMG_1865 (800x600)

And the grand finale…IMG_1869 (800x600)

I don’t think I’ll be able to take my little brother trick or treating after all and will be staying home. Boo. Plus, I just realized this means I need candy to give out!


  1. says

    Apples don’t kill my hunger either.

    When I lived with my parents, they didn’t have central heat either and I remember that if kept the bedroom door closed, you could actually see your breath. I called it the meat locker with good reason! Good luck with the heater!

  2. says

    Why didnt you get to go trick or treating? I really wanted to but couldnt find any children to borrow! Damn…

    Whats your favorite flavor of vitatops? Have you tried the pumpkin flavor ones yet? Im not a pumpkin fan but for some reason they intrigue me.

    I know this may be semi rude to ask (maybe) but ive been reading your blog from the begining and find you to be so inspirational. I recently caught the blogging bug and started my own. Except… i have no readers. Id feel honored if you would maybe give my lil blog a shot out on one of your posts? If not i understand, but it never hearts to ask right??

  3. Bethany says

    I thought I was a freak because apples make me hungry!! I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one!! People talk about how filling they are, and always just smiled and nodded… I’m thinking of starting a support group :)

  4. Runtothefinish says

    Posted about POTM last week and a lot of people were very excited! Can’t wait to start and thanks for posting about hbbc.

    Hope you have safe travels, vacation looks like it was wonderful!!

  5. says

    How do you not have central heat? Is that common? Man that would suck! I can’t even imagine that, it gets to -50 here in the winters (AB, Canada). Last year our furnance died cause the intake was all full of ice and the house got SOOOO cold, it happened over night and I didn’t notice cause my dogs two always sleep with me so I was super warn but when I got out of bed I could see my breath it was brutal! It took all day for the house to warm up! I find apples actually increase my hunger too, unless I put some peanut butter on it and then it’s super satisfying. Love your pumpkin shirt!!

  6. says

    Apples are super filling for me if I pair them with something, but the acidity makes my stomach burn if I eat it by itself. Although I love a nice crisp apple. Honeycrisp and Ambrosia are the best!

  7. says

    Glad I’m not the only one who can’t eat honeycrisps with something else messin up the juicy goodness! Now if only they weren’t $2.99/lb I wouldn’t have to tap into my retirement fund to eat ’em!

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