Night Before Vacation


Hello from my mom’s! Ben and I are packed and ready to head to the airport early tomorrow. We scored a direct flight from LAX and should arrive in Panama City tomorrow around 6pm. I kept snacking after lunch so I wanted to keep dinner veggie and protein based to even it out a bit. (This really seems to be a re-occurring theme this week.) I cooked half a bag of coleslaw with … [Read more...]

Favorite Halloween Costumes 2011


I’m currently packing my stuff to go to Panama! We leave early tomorrow morning and will be staying with my parents tonight so they can give us a ride to the airport. So far I have snacks packed. And a pile of clothes I want to bring. Now I have to A.) Find my travel back pack and B.) Find a way to fit all this stuff in! After a very short work shift I did a quick walk by of … [Read more...]

Marathon Weight Gain


Happy Friday! In January I was very clear about my goals for the year. One of the top ones is to get to goal weight. I even started a weight loss tab to help keep myself accountable. I started out doing really well with intuitive eating and very slowly the scale went down. Around August/September I recommitted to the cause and was making progress. I even got to 149.6 on Sept … [Read more...]

Things I Learned Thursday


Depending on how long you’re been reading RER, you might have picked up on that fact that I’m very dumb. I’m not too upset about it since God did me a little favor and also made me very big so most people can’t say it to my face. Anyways, I learned a few things today and thought I’d share… 1. The first plastic bag I grab to clean the litter box will have a hole. EVERY TIME. … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday– Body Confidence


It’s Confession Thursday! But, don’t get too excited, what happens on the cruise stays on the cruise… So this is going to be clean unlike my sense of humor. 1. I really have the worst body confidence. And I HATE shirts with cocky phrases on them. But, K Swiss recently sent me two workout shirts from Jillian Michael’s Killer Body gear line and I wanted to give them a shot. I … [Read more...]

Quesadillas and Ice Cream

Remember the other day when I asked about afternoon snacks? Well, I’m still trying to find a winner. Yesterday and today I had yogurt with cereal and extra milk. I don’t know why I like Greek Yogurt with milk over regular runny yogurt but I do. Din-ah! I made quesadillas last night and enjoyed them so much I made them again. I go through phases where I become obsessed with one … [Read more...]

RER Interview


This morning I met local journalism student/RER reader Ryah, at Starbucks. She wanted to interview me for her features writing class. I sipped an iced coffee while pretending to be interesting for her paper. I think it went okay and I didn’t say the “B” word too many times so we’ll see if she gets an “A”. Nice to meet you Ryah! I randomly peeked into the Ralphs next door … [Read more...]

Morning Hunger


Happy Wednesday! I am doing just okay with my efforts to stop snacking after dinner, but I am also waking up hungry. This means I steal Ben’s oatmeal when he’s in the shower. As shown by the oatmeal stain on my running shirt… In less embarrassing news, I feel like my legs are recovered from the marathon and I’m signing up for another half today! I’ve also been eating half … [Read more...]

Pile On The Miles 2011


It’s almost time for the annual Pile on the Miles Challenge!!!(image source) This challenge started in 2009 courtesy of bloggers Bobbi (In Her Shoes) and Caitlin (Healthy Tipping Point). This year I’ll be organizing it, but you can also contact Bobbi with questions since she’s down to pitch in Last year over 200 people participated and I’d love for even more of you to … [Read more...]

Running On Your Period


Surprisingly, I have a lot of male readers. I chalk it up to the fact that I have the sense of humor (and appetite) of a 16 year old boy. Unfortunately, I might lose some of you guys today with the topic of periods. Sorry. Hopefully, you’ll be brave enough to peek back in for lunch? Today I had some female issues and had to walk part of my run. It was an easy 5 miler. No … [Read more...]



My weekend was all about staying up too late, getting up too early and eating way too much. So, this afternoon I was sluggish and dragging. I put a band aid on the problem with an iced coffee. My Target order that was supposed to be a secret from Ben arrived while I was gone. I put a band aid on it by making him a good dinner. I snacked too much this afternoon (tired = … [Read more...]

Cat Mat


I got home from the cruise today around 10am. The box of Cheerios didn’t hold me over so I ate a real breakfast and caught up on emails while letting it settle Then, I remembered we still had pumpkin cream cheese so I made half a bagel with pumpkin cream cheese and pumpkin butter. It was pamazing ;) I knew I was not going to want to exercise after getting home so I put my … [Read more...]

Set Sail Before The Veil


I’m back from the Bachelorette Party Cruise! It was a blast, but it’s nice to get home and back to “normal life”. Actually, normal life won’t last too long because I’m leaving again Saturday morning for Panama. This month is ridiculous. I’m actually blogging from outside the cruise ship terminal. I went through customs early to avoid a long line. But there was a slight … [Read more...]

Papas and Beer Ensenada Mexico


Hello from somewhere on the Pacific Ocean Yesterday our cruise ship made it’s one stop to Ensenada, Mexico. We took our time getting ready and eating breakfast so when we finally got off the ship it was around 11:30am, which is almost lunch time, which obviously means we should hit up a bar. I am a bit embarrassed to say I had never been to Papas and Beer before. It’s kind … [Read more...]

Bachelorette Party Cruise


Hello from Ensenada, Mexico!!! Yesterday I boarded a cruise ship for my friend Susan’s Bachelorette Party. It’s a short three day cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada and back. We left Friday afternoon and will get home Monday morning. Ben dropped me off at the Port of Long Beach around 2pm yesterday. I miss him already <3 We were greeted with strawberries and champagne! It … [Read more...]

What’s in Season at the Farmer’s Market?


This morning I did an easy 4 miler to see how my legs are feeling. It felt okay, but my Garmin said I was going super slow! No wonder that lady with a walker lapped me!! Oh well. It’s French Toast Friday! But, it shouldn’t be. It should be egg sandwich Friday because Ben’s breakfast looked better than mine. I really need to stick with the eggwiches for optimum … [Read more...]