Weight Loss Wednesday–The Zero Scale


While out and about, I picked up a Dr. Zevia (soda sweetened with stevia). I’ve had these before and loved them, but today it was not good. Weird. I also chomped on some veggie chips on the way home. Then, I realized I’ve been making this a bigger habit lately. Next year ‘not eating in my car’ should be a new rule. It’s not a necessity since I’m not that busy. Lunch! My third … [Read more...]

Cold Run Warm Oatmeal


Hello and Happy Wednesday! Last night I packed up my running gear to take with me to boot camp. When it was over I strapped on my Garmin and explored the area for 5 miles. The boot camp is at a school in a near-by city. It’s all new home development and shopping centers. Everything looks exactly the same, so it was confusing, but I made it back. It has been warm all week and … [Read more...]

Budget Travel Tips Tuesday


I’m no travelologist (or someone who is particularly good at traveling), but it’s my favorite thing! I’ve often said I wish I could just travel the world and blog about it (until I remember that living out of a suitcase is no place for a sweaty runner’s clothes). Anyways, I got a lot of questions about how Ben and I planned our Panama trip and I thought I’d share some of my  … [Read more...]

Two New Products Tuesday


Happy Tuesday I started my day with boot camp. I’m very happy it’s been warmer this week so it’s not dark AND cold outside!! Then, I came straight home thinking about breakfast all the way. I’m surprised at how hungry I by the time I get home even though it’s not even 7am yet?! Guess an early wake up call means an early stomach growling. While I was cooking breakfast (for me … [Read more...]

If You Can’t Write, Read


My carb-loaded dinner didn’t need appetizers (as I referred to them), but I had a free coupon from Blogher and cashed it in today. Pita chips are surprisingly good, every.single.time. I also picked up some avocado hummus that was surprisingly good! Dinner was pizza and roasted broccoli. My favorite food! (The pizza not the broccoli.) Okay, I had a very clever and insightful … [Read more...]

Hide The Cookies


Hello! How is your day going? I ate some bad watermelon mid-morning and broke for lunch around noon. I’m not sure it was noon because my power randomly went out?! (And yeah, I should know better than to buy watermelon this out of season. Watermelon Fail.) Luckily, reader Lindsey sent me this watermelon success she saw on Pinterest. I love when you send me fun watermelon … [Read more...]

Boot Camp and Cookies


Last night Ben insisted on making chocolate chip cookies. Luckily, I convinced him to make half a batch, but we still have had* a lot of cookies for two people! (Yes, had. Oops.) They came out good, but he didn’t put enough chocolate chip in and buttered the pan very generously (even though the directions said not to). I ate two last night and another BIG one in the middle of … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up Nov 27


Remember a while back when I went to the Fit and Pain free Event? Well, the celeb trainer Kathy Kaehler told us about a little thing she does called “Sunday Set Up”. I loved the concept and am using it to inspire my successful week! Earlier today I raided my mom’s fridge. Her fridge rocks and I made myself a salad and half a sandwich   I also sipped on some chocolate milk. … [Read more...]

Grab Some Iced Coffee and Ben


Hello! I started my day with a little walk to the store for food supplies. On the way home I chomped on some grapes. Lately my omelets have been coming out looking pretty legit. Today not so much. Now I’m grabbing some iced coffee and that guy I live with and headed to my mom’s to hang out with the fam. I’ll be out of town next weekend, back for one weekend then gone again … [Read more...]

Fro-Yo and Playboy


This afternoon I was craving popcorn like no other. I decided to put on any movie as an excuse to eat it (some foods go better with ambiance!). I found Forest Gump on TV! Score! But, the timing was unfortunate and Ben said I shouldn’t put the pic of Forest looking at Playboy on RER. Hey, I’m not here to judge... The theme of the day was carbs. After 2 bags of popcorn (bought … [Read more...]

How Do I Make Myself Run? I Don’t.


I woke up this morning in a bad mood. I don’t know what it was, but I didn’t want to run. I didn’t want to play or talk or walk or be nice. However, (as always) I did want to eat so I had some PB toast while trying to talk myself into a run. I didn’t even want to take pictures. Don’t look at me! I really felt like giving my run a big “thumbs down” and going back to bed. … [Read more...]

Pile On the Miles–Final Results


Pile on the Miles 2011 is over The good news is everyone did amazing and I’m super happy to have been a part of it this year! The bad other news is I want to do another challenge in January!! Here are the winners of the last week’s loot. Please send me your info! 1. Love Grown Granola Pack Winner: Deanna Pogorelc 2. Odwalla Juice Pack Winner: Tia Parmar    … [Read more...]

Black Friday Facts


1. Black Friday is in fact named as such because wearing all black helps conceal the extra 6 pounds you gained from Thanksgiving. It’s pretty genius if you ask me. I definitely got crazy with the food yesterday, but I don’t think I was the only one… (source) 2. Even though most of us had the biggest meal of the year yesterday, many will complain they had to park sooooooo far … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving 2011


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a good one Around 12:30p Ben and I headed to my mom’s with food in hand. I made three dishes – sweet potato casserole, corn bread casserole and green bean casserole. Sweet potatoes are my favorite! Why do we only eat this casserole once a year?! Brown sugar and walnuts/pecan toppings > Marshmallows But, it looks like someone couldn’t … [Read more...]

I’m Thankful 2011


Happy Thanksgiving! I’m very excited to EAT and hang out with my family. This is my favorite day <3 I am very very blessed. I’m also very very thankful for everything I have. In addition to gorging myself on sweet potato casserole, today is about giving thanks. I’m thankful for… Ben. He’s the best. My family. Especially for my brother ensuring that I wasn’t the only … [Read more...]