Dole Healthy Lifestyle Blogger Summit


I am attending the Dole Healthy Lifestyle Summit until Friday and am currently blogging from the fanciest hotel I’ve ever stomped into! Dole herded me and a few other bloggers together to talk food, recipes and healthy living in Westlake Village for a few days. This is no joke – the hotel room is bigger than my life condo! If this was House Hunters I would make a comment … [Read more...]

Zero to Sick-stee


After dinner and a few pills I felt a little better last night and went to sleep. But, I woke up around midnight with ‘stomach issues’, nausea and aches all over. Then, I was super cold and asked Ben to get an extra blanket for me because I couldn’t get up. I felt like death. It’s so weird to go to sleep feeling ‘okay’ and wake up feeling like you’re dying. I took some … [Read more...]