Canned Pozole


Since I was hanging out at my mom’s all day I abused her bathroom instead of my own caught up on emails from here. When my little mom got home from work we walked the dogs and caught up on life. Walks with moms are the best (We didn’t get dressed up for the occasion, but this is all I got.) My dad had a lunch meeting at Lucille’s BBQ and brought home a massive amount of ribs, … [Read more...]

Pile On the Miles Week One Winners


This morning Dole reps organized an easy yoga class in the Four Season’s art gallery for the bloggers. I’ve been saying I want to get back to yoga once a week for months! I’m hoping this will start my momentum back up to keep going! Even though yoga in an art studio is foreign to me, the quiet setting was very peaceful and appropriate. Then, we had breakfast, my favorite part … [Read more...]