Happy Birthday to my Grandma!


Happy Birthday Grams! Ben and I headed to my grandma’s house for a small party for her 86th birthday. My mom surprised her with a small mariachi group that serenaded her. She started crying she was so happy! If you live in the Whittier area and need a small mariachi group email me and I can pass on their contact info. I stole some of Ben’s green chili and cheese tamale … [Read more...]

Long Sleeve Running Weather


I think it’s finally time to bust out the long sleeve running tops! It was in the mid 50s when I woke up so I dug into my cold weather gear drawer for the first time since April. I woke up this morning feeling a little better. I woke up from a bad dream, which sucks (a guy stole from me when my shoes got stuck in a crevice and then stole my shoes from my feet!) but I didn’t … [Read more...]