Easy Tortilla Soup and Soda Stream Review


I love soup so the cold rainy day inspired me to make my Easy Tortilla Soup Recipe! You only need a handful of ingredients – broth, corn, jar of salsa, chicken (canned or hand shredded), shredded cheese and tortilla chips. Throw it all in a pot. Heat. Fill a bowl up with chips… Pour the hot soup over it. Top with cheese and sour cream (or greek yogurt if you never buy … [Read more...]

Sunday To Do List


I prefer lazy Sundays. I love to sit and sip coffee while perusing the L.A. Times Travel section. I love to make pancakes and phone calls that require me to stay at the table for hours… But, today I knew my “To Do” list was looming so I got out of bed for a quick walk with Ben. We stopped at the store for juice (those Odwalla green juices are bomb). Don’t ask why I’m standing … [Read more...]