Sunday To Do List

I prefer lazy Sundays. I love to sit and sip coffee while perusing the L.A. Times Travel section. I love to make pancakes and phone calls that require me to stay at the table for hours…IMG_6624 (800x533)

But, today I knew my “To Do” list was looming so I got out of bed for a quick walk with Ben. We stopped at the store for juice (those Odwalla green juices are bomb). Don’t ask why I’m standing like that, I have no idea what’s wrong with me (on many levels)…IMG_1999 (800x600)

Instead of pancakes I made egg sandwiches thinking it would make less mess. Yeah, not the way I cook. I managed to dirty a full sink of dishes!IMG_2006 (800x600)

Then, I reviewed my list – lots of cleaning, a few errands and even more admin stuff. I never truly caught up with my emails or assignments since the Bachelorette Party cruise, then we went to Panama and I took a vacation from everything! So now there’s over two weeks of stuff in there and it’s stressing me out!IMG_2010 (600x800)

Sorry for the delay if I owe you an email response for POTM. I’ll catch up tonight.too flaky

Also, with all the buzz from the New York Marathon and Savannah RnR I am trying to plan out my next race and training plan! I am excited to get back out there Smile  Anyone racing in December?

Happy Sunday!


  1. says

    love that pic of you! too cute……about december well i may do a half up here in ventura. it is called santa to the sea. the only thing holding me back is the santa is in the ghetto of oxnard!

  2. s says

    racing: yeah! i just signed up for a christmas-themed 8k. i’ve never run an 8k before, but i ran a 5k this weekend and it was a lot of fun so i thought i might try it out… a marathon sounds fun (or at least really exciting, i dunno) but i don’t think i’d be able to run 26 miles continuously right now!

  3. says

    Holiday Half in Portland! Going for my first sub 2. Not sure if my body is aware of it.

    I think the pose is fab. Rock it. Looks like you are in a ninja aerobics video.

  4. says

    While stalking you on twitter I saw that you were thinking about doing Pf Chang’s in Phoenix in Jan! 😉 You should do THAT one! I’m doing the half and it’s my first ever and I would love to meet you!

  5. says

    Seriously your egg sandwiches always look so yummy! I have started trying to make them myself but they never look as yummy as yours! I’m racing in December….dressed as Santa Claus!!

  6. says

    I had to remember that not everywhere is freezing in December because I literally shivered when you asked if anyone was racing then. Brrr! lol

    I actually love the pose, I’ve been caught it much weirder stances. It’s because we’ve got “skills” 😉

  7. Jen says

    Love your blog…I stalk it everyday!! I am running the RnR half in Vegas next month! I’ll be super star-struck if I see you!

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