Dear Monica…


You had a snacky day. It happens. Brush your teeth so you don’t make it worse and close the kitchen. It’s not the end of the world. You’re okay. … [Read more...]

Cute Cat not Cute Food


Mid-morning I polished off the grapes I just bought yesterday(!). At least this time I washed them. Since I still have some remnants of the Panamanian flu I’m trying to figure out what exactly made me sick. Someone left a comment saying I should start washing my fruit. That reminded me that I ate grapes in Panama without washing them. (I also drank the water which all the … [Read more...]

Not Super Cold Weather Running Gear


Yep, it’s getting cold in Southern California! As soon as I stepped out of our bedroom I felt a chill (we have a room heater in there) and checked the weather outside. Brrrr! But, I know these temps are very mild compared to many other parts of the county. I also realize that low 40s require some extra gear to run, but not thermals and a parka! I’ve made the mistake of … [Read more...]