The Small Fork Myth


I am having a hungry day. I realized this early and decided to have a healthy, protein filled snack mid-morning – turkey roll ups with hummus. But, that didn’t do much. So, I polished off this bag of mango and called it a day (wouldn’t get this stuff again). I had a meeting at noon so I packed my lunch to eat on the way. It was an egg salad sandwich, carrots, apple and a bar … [Read more...]

Old School Abs


Good Morning! I woke up from a dream where I was running a marathon, stopped to pee and suddenly it was 5:30pm and I was super late to finish! I think this dream is because I am on a mission to find my next race. I want to train for something! I have a few options I’m considering and should make a decision this week   Unfortunately today is not a running day. I’m trying … [Read more...]