You Can Have Anything You Want


I forgot my iced coffee cup at work last night so after my morning shift I had to buy a refill at Coffee Bean. Darn After a short morning shift I came home for lunch, then got to working on my new part time job. The transition of an extra hat to wear has been hectic, but I’m hoping it will soon be smooth sailing   I have been craving a bean and cheese burrito (hope I’m … [Read more...]

Running Song Repeat


Happy Wednesday! If you follow me on twitter you might have seen that I spilled yogurt and granola everywhere last night It must be night time eating karma. Lesson learned for now. It is a big enough mess that Ben said we should just throw away the rug. Busted. I planned on doing a longer run this  morning, but time got away from me and I cut it to 6 miles. The first three … [Read more...]