This is Why You’re Fat Guacamole Edition


On the way home from work I got a crazy guacamole craving. Crazy. So, I swerved into oncoming traffic to bust a U-turn into a local Mexican restaurant's parking lot. This is a sit down place so I wasn’t sure if they did take out, but I am shameless and thought I’d try. Me, “Can I order something for take out?” Waitress Lady: “Yes.” (Goes to hand me a menu) Me, “No, I don’t … [Read more...]

2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners


The holidays are just around the corner and I’ve come to realize that not everyone rushes out on December 24th to buy gifts (just me?). But, just because you shop early doesn’t mean you know what that runner in your life wants (they’re probably too busy carb-loading to tell ya anyways). So here is a list of the Best Gifts for Runners this season: 1. Books about Running! … [Read more...]

Everything Oatmeal and Another Marathon


Happy Thursday! I went for a walk to start the day – not my idea of a “real” workout, but I’m unmotivated because I don’t have a plan Luckily, I have my next race figured out (below!) – so the plan is coming tonight! Coach’s Oats sent me some packets of their instant oatmeal and I love steel cut style so I made that the base of my breakfast bowl. I added EVERYTHING I … [Read more...]