2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

The holidays are just around the corner and I’ve come to realize that not everyone rushes out on December 24th to buy gifts (just me?). But, just because you shop early doesn’t mean you know what that runner in your life wants (they’re probably too busy carb-loading to tell ya anyways).

So here is a list of the Best Gifts for Runners this season:

1. Books about Running!

Mile Markers $10.98 Amazonmile markers

Kara Goucher’s Running for Women $10.98 Amazonkara goucher women running

2. On a similar note – a subscription to their favorite running magazine. runner's world

You can get 1 year of Runner’s World for $15.00

Women’s Running 10 issues for $19.95

Running Times 10 issues for $10.00

3. Gear! If you know their size and preferences new running gear is always welcome (especially because their old stuff probably smells – no? just me again?).monica running laguna hills

Check old race photos (they probably have their room wall papered with them) to see what they like to wear. Then, double check sizes if possible or give a gift receipt (no one wants a too tight tank or saggy crotch capris). Things like new running tops or socks are precious to runners!

If you’re not a stalker and can’t get private access to their sizes, a hat or visor should be one size fits all (if they don’t order them from the special Big Head store like I do).IMAG0017

4. ipod gift card to pump up their playlistIMG_5907

5. Gift card to a local running store or for a Massage! I’m 100% positive you can mend ANY relationship with a gift certificate for a massage. Try it, crash someone’s car, then give them a massage. Friendship healed. IMG_2090 (600x800)

6. No cost gift idea: Gift Certificate saying you will go with and cheer for your runner at their next race.

7. Fun Christmas Gift Idea for a Runner:

Fill a Christmas Stocking with small running gear must haves – socks, shoe laces, SPF chapstick, Gels or Chews, Headband…Gu in storeIMG_2087 (800x600)

IMG_2086 (600x800)IMG_2089 (800x600)

I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas stockings!

8. Car Magnets – 13.1, 26.2 , Run Eat Repeatrun eat repeat bumper magnet

9. Funny Running Shirtimage

LOVE some of the funny shirts on Gifted Runner here ~$23.00-$35.00 plus SHfunny running shirt

IMG_6944 (600x800)

You can order “Run Eat Repeat” and “I’d Rather be Running” shirts at my Spreadshirt Shop

And the ultimate present for a runner this holiday season:

10. CARBS. IMG_8216 (600x800)

Lots and lots of carbs wrapped with a bow. Done. IMG_8874 (800x600)

Anything I left out? What do you want this Holiday season?


  1. says

    Race entry fee! Races are so expensive, and I appreciate when a loved one treats me to a race for my birthday or holiday. I also recently got a gift certificate to See Jane Run, which is redeemable for race entry or running gear at the SJR shop. It was the perfect gift!

  2. says

    LOVED this Monica! I’m going to favourite this & share it on Facebook with my mom (yes, mama has FB & uses it religiously. Why use the phone when she can Facebook chat me? :P)

    Also, I just subscribed to Runner’s World magazine. Thank you for a great post!

  3. says

    I actually want an adjustable kettlebell or a kettlebell set to have the option to do some strength training at home. Come sin handy when I’m too lazy to get to the gym!

  4. Tricia says

    Awesome ideas! 11 – Safety gear! I see a Road ID and a blinky light in at least one of the stockings in my house this Christmas.

  5. says

    Last year when I was getting really into running, my MIL (who used to run marathons) bought me all the little things that you need – tech wash, body glide, chapstick, etc. She wrapped them all up individually. It was awesome.

    One thing I did for my birthday this year was ask for Southwest Airlines gift cards. I knew I was traveling in the fall for MCM, and ended up getting half my flight paid for. Huzzah!

  6. says

    Another vote for safety lights (or a headlamp!) Great for winter runs when we only have 9hrs of daylight and it’s all when I’m at work. I also asked for running warehouse gift cards.

  7. says

    Caaaaaaaaaaarbs. The best gift ever. Especially in cupcake form.

    I also put the Kara Goucher book on my wish list, because I need some motivation. Got to get back on the road after my half — I am feeling lazy.

  8. says

    This is totally awesome! I totally squealed when I read the part about Gu as a stocking stuffer! I had no idea what to ask for as a Christmas stocking stuffer last year because I didn’t really want candy or the normal stuff. Totally excited about it!

  9. says

    I LOVE this, I think I’m gonna send a link to all my family and friends so they get the hint! I’d add Bondibands (not just any headbands–those are my FAVs), race entries, safety lights, and airline gift certificates.

  10. says

    Great list…but, just so you know, hats are not all one size fits all 😛 I try them on all the time but have yet to find one that’s deep enough for my big head. LOL, at least I think it’s funny. It’s ok – I just wear visors.

  11. Amanda says

    My husband is now getting Gu in his stocking! And running socks. Because that’s funny, right? Socks in a stocking? He’s totally getting a Garmin, too. Anyone have recommendations for headlamps? Standard time is killing my evening running enjoyment.

  12. Crystal says

    A Garmin Forerunner watch!! I’ve been stalking your watch for months, and I just sent hubby my list this week. Only 2 things: A SLR camera to take pics of my fabulous butt while running with my wonderful Garmin watch on. He won’t be able to resist buying both for those purposes…He’ll be in heaven!

    Oh, and a gift card to your favorite frozen yogurt place!!!

  13. Kate says

    The “cheer you on” coupon is a genius idea! I’m not even a runner, but I think that would be really special to receive from someone who didn’t want to/couldn’t spend $$ on a gift, or just as a bonus with another gift.

  14. says

    Very cool ideas. Except, I think I need a shirt that says something about how I can’t be bothered to run, get me an elliptical instead. But then I don’t know just how much and often I should broadcast my laziness :)

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