Friday Favorites Giveaway–Manna Organics


Hello! How’s your Friday going?! I really wanted to go out for lunch, but Ben and I are going out for dinner so I made myself rustle up something in the kitchen (random Indian frozen meal, veggies, Vita and handful of chips). No pics of lunch because it was boring, but I do want to share my Five Friday Favorites for the week: 1. Night lights! Specifically, night lights that … [Read more...]

Pile on the Miles Week 2 Winners


Happy Friday from Monica the ghost!!! Ooooow! I will haunt your house with my lame jokes and bad photography… I woke up hungry today so I opted to eat before running. But, don’t worry I’m not changing this place to “Eat Run Repeat” just yet. Although, that does seem like a better order of things. Hmmm. Since I love “F” words I made breakfast – French Toast Friday. The usual … [Read more...]