Pile on the Miles Week 2 Winners

Happy Friday from Monica the ghost!!! Ooooow! I will haunt your house with my lame jokes and bad photography…IMG_2342 (800x533)

I woke up hungry today so I opted to eat before running. But, don’t worry I’m not changing this place to “Eat Run Repeat” just yet. Although, that does seem like a better order of things. Hmmm.

Since I love “F” words I made breakfast – French Toast Friday.IMG_2341 (800x533)

The usual french toast slathered with PB and PB (pumpkin butter) – I would delay any run for this plate!IMG_2336 (800x533)

Now I’m going to shoot for an easy 5K run – we’ll see how it goes with a full belly.IMG_2350 (800x533)

Pile on the Milesrunning turkey

It’s week 2 of Pile on the Miles – this week’s prize is a $10.00 Subway gift card. subway sandwich

Winners please send me your information (name, address, turn-ons, blood type):

You can see Week 1 Winners Here

Keep walking and running we only have 2 more weeks to pile on the miles!!!

Now I want a Subway Tuna Sandwich – it’s my favorite!

Question: What’s for lunch?


  1. says

    Even though I didn’t win, I’m going to tell you my turn ons anyway.

    Long runs along a river.

    Trader Joes Orange Chicken.

    Brand new running shoes.

    Happy Friday!

  2. says

    WOO HOO!!!

    I had potato soup topped with green onions for lunch!
    My turn ons are men who will bath my children while doing laundry while doing the dishes with brushing the dogs while vacuuming while taking out the trash while I take a nap!! :)

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