7 Random Things About Me


Hey, how’d your Monday go? Some days I am rushing to make dinner before an evening shift at work, but today I had all the time in the world so I roasted! Anyone else think roasting takes a long time? I need to plan days in advance if I’m going to roast something for a meal. If not I will put it in the oven and go eat something else while I’m waiting, then eat whatever was … [Read more...]

Foreign and Funny Magazines


I can cook Mexican food and Chinese food and occasionally even Thai food. But, I’m not good at Indian dishes. (Okay, technically I’m afraid of how to use the spices, don’t judge.) Nope, for my Indian cravings I rely on a frozen meal (or take out). This one worked as lunch paired with some toast. <insert piece of pumpkin pie for dessert> Speaking of things that are … [Read more...]

Healthy No Bake Pumpkin Pie


Thanksgiving came early this year! Well, at least the pie did… A few days ago Chobani sent me some of their big containers of plain greek yogurt to try. I’ve been eating eggs for breakfast so I knew I had to incorporate the creamy goodness into a few recipes. Last night I created the easiest Protein packed Pumpkin Pie you’ve ever seen. It’s easy because it only requires 5 … [Read more...]