Tofu Shirataki Noodles


I came home from KB starving and considered making a quick sandwich for lunch. But, I remembered that I bought stir-fry veggies and needed to cook them. I work late tonight so I made them for lunch! I cooked the veggies up with some rotisserie chicken and peanut sauce. Then, I added the noodles. It was amazing! See the steam? That can’t stop me from digging in! Tip: The … [Read more...]

Panama Ruined My Life


Hello! I took an extra day off of running yesterday, but today was a cross training day (according to my new schedule). I decided to hit up KB with my fave instructor. First, I ate breakfast. Can’t decide between yogurt and eggs? Make a yogurt bowl for your dining partner and steal a few bites. I do this often. Maybe daily. Maybe Then, make eggs for yourself. I obviously … [Read more...]