Panama Ruined My Life

Hello! I took an extra day off of running yesterday, but today was a cross training day (according to my new schedule). I decided to hit up KB with my fave instructor.

First, I ate breakfast. Can’t decide between yogurt and eggs? Make a yogurt bowl for your dining partner and steal a few bites. I do this often. Maybe daily. Maybe Winking smileIMG_2412 (800x533)

Then, make eggs for yourself. I obviously couldn’t decide between pumpkin butter or strawberry jam either. So, I used both.IMG_2416 (533x800)

Then, I went to KB and had one client. Remember my Panama parasite from the week before last? Well, I threw away my water bottle because I thought it was infected with germs. Now I’m using this one, but really need a long term replacement!IMG_2239 (800x600)

Now, I have to tell you a really sad story…

In addition to the Panamamanian flu, the week I was gone I was invited to meet my girl crush Kara Goucher!!! (That trip cost me BIG TIME!) She was in LA for the LA Half marathon and is working with Nutrilite on vitamin supplements.

I love you kara goucher

It’s probably for the best that I couldn’t go as I would have sat right next to her and dominated the conversation with questions about running and how she’s so awesome.kara at table(Source: SkinnyRunner)

The company sent me some Amway’s Nutrilite twist tubes to try. It’s a dietary supplement you pour into 16oz. of water. Each tube has 2 servings of fruits and veggies. It’s basically a ton of Vitaman C and Vitamin A.IMG_2426 (800x533)

I was expecting a gross vitamin-y taste, but it was surprisingly good! I eat more than enough fruits and veggies already, but I love changing up my water so I would use it for a flavor option more than the nutrition aspect.IMG_2420 (533x800)

Question: Who is your girl crush?


  1. says

    Though I don’t have the same goals as she does, my Mom is definitely my girl crush…she homeschooled 3 kids, has a 3rd degree black belt (no joke, she could kick my ass), and is currently the vice principal at a missionary school in Japan while learning Japanese as she goes…what a show off lol

  2. Ida says

    Bummer!! I am glad to know that nutrilite did try to get more running bloggers at that luncheon.
    I’ve always been a big Cathrine Zeta-Jones fan, and Justine Henin. I think Kara’s great, but she also seems like a bit of a whiner to me…I would still love to meet her though!

  3. says

    Yuck! I got a parasite/unknown disease traveling in Nepal and it was miserable! I had to take a couple of weeks off of running, couldn’t keep food down, and just felt awful. When I got home I did the same thing you did- I threw out everything I thought could have been “contaminated”. I’m glad you’re feeling better though :)

  4. says

    I think I will have to jump on the Kara wagon. She is a such a good runner and seems like a genuinely nice down to earth girl. She seems like the type of person who would be fun to bake cookies with- then kick your butt on a 10k. I want to buy arm warmers like she ran in in NYC. Maybe that’s the secret to her speed 😉

  5. Kendra says

    Big mountain snowboarder Victoria Jealouse. Footage of her out riding avalanche’s in Valdez, Alaska blow my mind. She’s powerful, beautiful, otherworldly.

  6. says

    I like your style. I’m highly indecisive when it comes to silly things that don’t really matter (like what to eat for breakfast), so I always find that the best decision is really “Why decide? I’ll just have both!”

  7. says

    I use to be really into Angelina Jolie but she’s gotten a bit odd with all the children and such, though she’s still gorgeous and a great actress. I really like Zoe Saldana from ‘Colombiana’ and Kat Dennings from the TV show ‘2 Broke Girls’ (her character is exactly like me, I swear we could be best buds).

    • Katie P says

      Two Broke Girls is my favorite new show of the season! Kat Dennings cracks me out I adore her snarky sarcasm! Love the banter she and the blonde have.

  8. Dean says

    Kara is my girl crush at the moment as well. I got to meet her in San Francisco at the Nike Women’s Expo and take a quick pic with her. The smile on my face is as big as it has ever been. And a couple people commented that we look like we could be related in the picture, so of course that made my day! (Oh and I got to stand with her hubby and adorable baby while she participated in a panel discussion – I know she is just a normal person but she is such an awesome runner chic that it gets me all giddy!)

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