Tofu Shirataki Noodles

I came home from KB starving and considered making a quick sandwich for lunch. But, I remembered that I bought stir-fry veggies and needed to cook them. I work late tonight so I made them for lunch!tofu shirataki noodles

I cooked the veggies up with some rotisserie chicken and peanut sauce. Then, I added the noodles.tofu shirataki noodle stirfry

It was amazing! See the steam? That can’t stop me from digging in!IMG_2434 (800x533)

Tip: The trick to eating these tofu Shirataki noodles is to rinse them very well. Also, they work best in Asian style dishes – not Italian.IMG_2438 (800x533)

I found a random baggie of my favorite protein powder and made a big smoothie for an afternoon snack. (Ran out of the powder a while back and have been missing it!) Toppings were chopping up Manna Organics bread and granola.protein smoothie in a bowl

Everyone is buzzing about the new Dark Moon/Twilight/Vampire movie, but I am OBSESSED with The Hunger Games. Have you seen the trailer yet? I can’t believe we have to wait until March for the movie Sad smile 

I didn’t really mention it but, I bought a watermelon costume for Halloween. I didn’t end up wearing it because we got home from Panama the day before and stayed home. #Fail

Anyways, I’m kind of dying because you guys know I LOVE Natalie Dee. This is her latest cartoon…

She just gets me <3

I work late tonight and will probably have some soup and a sandwich for dinner. See ya in the morning Smile


  1. says

    I have been jumping up and down with excitement over the Hunger Games movie, especially now that a real trailer is out. I have to say, I was worried that it would just be a mess of a movie, but it actually looks REALLY good. I hope it lives up to the trailer!

  2. says

    i had a stir-fry for tea tonight, it was oyster sauce flavour, with a splash of soy sauce, was really tasty! Probably wasn’t as good as yours though!!

  3. says

    I’ve never tried Tofu Shirataki noodles. I know they’re low-call, but are they “healthy”?
    I’m so excited for The Hunger Games movie!!

  4. says

    I’ve heard of the noodles before, but have never tried them. Do they actually fill you up?
    Also, so many of my friends love “The Hunger Games” and the trailer looked so good that I finally started reading it tonight! I brought the book to the gym, and it definitely made my workout go faster!

  5. says

    I brought the trilogy on a cruise earlier this year for some light fun reading. I was so engrossed I finished the 3rd book 1 day after we got back! Can’t wait!

    I tried the tofu noodles and just couldn’t get down with them. I’d rather have a smaller serving of real pasta. They were more tolerable fried up in stir fry though…

  6. says

    I really like the Tofu noodles but I hear that many people don’t. I never got when people said they smell like feet, I always thought they were tasty. :)

  7. says

    Soooo excited for Hunger Games! It comes out on my birthday and I’m totally making my husband see it with me at midnight. And I’m taking the next day off to sleep in :)

  8. says

    I loved The Hunger Games. I started reading it over the summer on the way to San Francisco and I finished the last one on a red eye on the way back…I was the only one with my light on the whole way back to the east coast :)
    Natalie Dee is awesome! That cartoon is totally you.

  9. Holly says

    What’s your favorite protein powder that you speak of? I’ve tried so many, but can’t seem to find one that tastes good and isn’t packed with calories.

  10. Ida says

    I love those noodles! I boil them for a few min to get rid of the aftertaste and then mix with some laughing cow cheese. It makes a great alfredo.

  11. says

    Ah! i have been waiting for someone who actually likes and has cooked with these noodles! I bought some but havent used them yet and most of the recipes ive found dont sound that appetizing. But I think im going to try how you used them. Thanks!
    oh and that Natalie Dee thing was pretty spot on!

  12. Jessica says


    I haven’t read The Hunger Games but if you’re anxious to for the movie to come out you should check out the Japanese version that’s been out a while, Battle Royale. It’s very gory and thoroughly entertaining.

  13. says

    I am OBSESSED with the Hunger Games. I saw the trailer this week also and am so sad that March seems to far from now. I have tried reading other books since reading that series and I have yet to find anything that compares! Any suggestions?

  14. Katie P says

    After my two closest girl friends recommend the Hunger Games I ran to to chez Target and bought it. I have a long plane flight to London today and am looking forward to starting it on the plane, hope it make the time whiz by!

  15. says

    Hunger Games > Twilight for sure. But March!? It’ll probably come to the UK even later…I’ll never be able to wait that long!

    I would love to see your watermelon costume, Halloween or otherwise. Dare you to post a pic 😉


  16. says

    I am SO PSYCHED about the Hunger Games movie. I’m always a little nervous when a beloved book is made into a movie, since I picture things so vividly, but from the trailer it looks like they’re done a pretty good job.

  17. says

    Man, the smell of those noodles completely disgusts me. I tried rinsing them really, really well and the smell never seemed to go away. I couldn’t find a recipe they tasted good in either. Basically, I give up.

    And I’m totally looking forward to The Hunger Games, why such a long wait….WHY?

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