Ask A Monican about Skinny Runner


My fun coffee date was with Skinny Runner   I didn’t want to just sit and sip, so I suggested an impromptu step class session right there. Oddly, she begged me to stop embarrassing her and suggested we take a walk instead. SR brought along the world’s smallest dog to help protect us from attackers. .Between the ferocious 2 pound guard dog and my coffee breath we … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wednesday–Chocolate Chai Tea


I get a lot of sh!t for talking so much about weight loss on Run Eat Repeat. But, the reality is I started this blog as a weight loss blog. And now that I’m a personal trainer my clients come to me to lose weight. Not one of them is just aiming to get healthier. Yes that’s an added bonus, but they all want to see the scale and body fat go down. A while back I did a little … [Read more...]

Easy Runner’s Stretch


So yeah, I woke up today to see my Garmin dead. I freaked out and stabbed a man. Then, I decided to charge it and take short walk with Ben. When I got back I didn’t feel like running anymore. I felt like crying and punching someone. But, I decided a run would make me feel better, so I went for it. (If you can't tell it's TOM and I'm ridiculous today :(  it's out of character … [Read more...]