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My fun coffee date was with Skinny Runner Smile coffee date with skinny runner

I didn’t want to just sit and sip, so I suggested an impromptu step class session right there.monica run eat repeat

Oddly, she begged me to stop embarrassing her and suggested we take a walk instead. SR brought along the world’s smallest dog to help protect us from attackers. IMG_2257

.Between the ferocious 2 pound guard dog and my coffee breath we were able to fend off anyone and everyone within a 12 block radius.IMG_2258

Since I had three minutes to spare after dinner I taped Ask a Monican #21

Monica from Run Eat Repeat answers:
1. Do you have running shoe recommendations for winter running?
2. When should I move up from a 5k to a 10k race?
3. What is the best sports bra for running?

Please comment with your winter shoe suggestions and best sports bra picks!

Send me your questions to runeatrepeat at gmail dot com


  1. says

    I am loving the Moving Comfort Maia Sports Bra. Although it comes a little high in the neck area, these puppies are snug as a bug in a rug and provide maximum comfort for a run. 😉

    That is quite a ferocious dog there. The pint size ones usually are.

  2. says

    hilarious little dog!
    winter running shoes (i am assuming for people where there is snowfall) – go with a trail running shoe. the enhanced treads will act like snowtires to give you more traction. the water resistant upper will keep your feet more dry than regular running shoes (now, if you’re out in the snow for an hour, yea, you’ll likely still come home with wet feet, but you’ll be more comfortable longer). all the major brands do a trail shoe, so just go with the one that fits your foot the best, and fits your budget!
    also, don’t forget socks! no cotton – the smartwool brand is great for winter.

  3. says

    Definitely the Champion. I spent a bunch of money on the MC Fiona bra, and I HATE the way it looks and feels. It’s HUGE. I’m a 36DD/DDD, so I need a lot of support, and the Fiona does give me that, but it also takes up 9/10ths of my torso and the material is not comfortable. The Champion high impact? Feels like a comfortable sports bra but holds me in really well. It might not be quite as locked down as the MC, but I don’t get bounce. This is the one I have, which I think is the same:–1/maximum-support-bras/champion-double-dry–153%3B-spot-comfort–153%3B-high-support-sports-bra

  4. says

    I never thought about the trail shoe thing for winter running… I might have to look into that! Or I could actually start using my gym membership and hit the weights/treadmill once the snow & ice get here… :/

  5. says

    I’m also pro-trail running shoes. I wear Mizuno Wave Nirvana’s for regular running, so I bought the Mizuno Wave Ascend which is just about the trail equivalent. They’re great and keep me from slipping! Ditto @Cathy about smartwool socks instead of cotton.

    I wear an awesome Moving Comfort bra that I can’t find right now online… it is really amazing, I would recommend trying on a bunch at a running store to find what works for you. I like my champion ones too, but they’re just not as structured.

  6. says

    I switch between my Lululemon “ta-ta tamer” bra and the FreyaSport sports bra when I run. I prefer the FreyaSport because it just feels like it gives me more support and is made by a bra company and not a sportswear company. It was suggested to me by a woman at the bra store when I told her I had been wearing two bras to run in (I am a 34DDD so I didn’t think there were any other options!). Pricey but it has gotten me through the past year and it is still in perfect shape with washing and drying in a machine.

    The Lulu bra is great and so cute but there is a little less structure. I go down a size in the cup with these.

  7. says

    I never thought of wearing trail running shoes in the winter. I went to Fleet Feet a few weeks ago trying on new shoes and the sales associate didn’t even suggest that! He did suggest wearing wool or poly-synthetic socks in the winter, though.

    I haven’t run in the winter and I am a little nervous about it, I don’t want to break my ankle or anything like that. Hopefully we will have a mild winter, haha yea right.

  8. says

    Try really knobby trail shoes. If you don’t want to shell out the money for them, I also used these : They are really great for icy conditions and packed snow. They come on and off easily, so if you suddenly find yourself on a clear road a mile into the run, you can pull them off. I used them for three years of winter running in Alaska and never fell once.

    A non-shoe related idea is to shorten your stride. You’ll be more likely to catch yourself before you fall.

  9. says

    I (un)fortunately was gift in the frontal region and I HATE bounce. I wear the Wacoal underwire sports bra. I know these bras are expensive and NOT pretty, but man do they strap the girls down. I can wear some of the other sports bras for less impact type activities but for running its either the Wacoal bra or doubling up on a different style (which sucks).

  10. carrie says

    Hey Monica!

    I’m running the Vegas half in Dec…you are too, right? I’d love to meet up with you, HRG, and S-Runner since they’re going to be in Vegas too. (Btw, I’m the chick who’s from Oz who’s commented on your blog once or twice before.) I’m too shy (online) to have my own blog…yet. :) Hope to meet you in person soon!

  11. says

    I think I’ll probably just stick to treadmills for winter running, for fear of freezing/slipping outside! Ugg…so unfortunate.

    I kept waiting for Ben to do something crazy in the background of the video, but I guess he’s too good of a husband to mess with it. Good old Ben, haha.

  12. Patty T says

    Best sports bra, in my opinion, is Moving Comfort Juno bra. It might be a little hard to get on and off but there is NO movement once you get into it. It’s AWESOME!

  13. says

    I recently bought a slew of new sports bras from Title Nine after some rather unpleasant incidents with chafing. I’m a rather well “gifted” gal, so I go for the 3+ barbells as rated by Title Nine (they carry all kinds of different brands, but have their own fun names for them.) I wear only one sports bra at a time otherwise I feel way too bulky so these are the ones I like best for strapping in the girls, in order of my liking:

    1. Trade-up bra – OMG, this bra is amazing! Two clips in the back make it super easy to get on and off. It is 4 barbells strong so there is NO BOUNCE and yet super flattering too:

    2. Seven wonders – This bra is the least bouncey I’ve ever worn. It is not the most attractive, but it is totally functionally and I love it for bouncey activities like running or kick-boxing:

    3. Fits to a T – Really good all around bra. No bounce per se, but not as “strapped in” feeling as the other two:

    Who wants to pay me to review sports bras for the larger-breasted?!?

  14. pantsleflint says

    Shoes: Living in Canada, Snow and ice are hard to avoid. I have found the a couple things that work well – I will often Screw roofing nails into my shoes to give better grip on those really icy days. There are a tone of how to videos on line. If it’s really windy I will also put duct tap on the mess part of my shoes to prevent all the wind…. Put I love winter running… I like to call it Running season…

    My recommendation for running bras are simple – try on a couple and work them… Try on each on and check the fit, run on the spot or do jumping jacks. What works for one person is not always the best for someone else…. I always tell ladies make sure “the girls are locked and loaded”

  15. says

    It doesn’t snow here, but it does rain and get slippery, so I have a pair of Asics Gel Traduco trail running shoes. They do the job and feel pretty close to a regular pair of running shoes. I think they have Goretex or something in them too, so they keep feet dry and not too chilly.

    I don’t wear 2 sports bras, but I almost always wear a running tank that has a built in bra with a regular sports bra, so sort of the same thing 😉

    Also, another cheaper option for sports bras is Old Navy (I train their staff, so I am biased and I also did fit tests for it and gave feedback) but, these are working VERY well for me these days:

    I haven’t tried the adjustable straps one yet, but the intrigue me!

    Also, check out their new compression capris and pants! They have made a TON of changes to their activewear and I love ’em!

  16. says

    I was cracking up at Ben in the background trying to keep a straight face while you talked about sports bras and bouncing…lol!

    My favorite sports bra is actually a post-surgical sports compression garment I got for free as a sample…the idea is that if someone who just recently got implants wants to exercise, it won’t interfere with the settling down, so to speak. I don’t have implants, I just work for a company that manufactures them. :)

    the company that makes the compression garments is Marena:

  17. says

    As a girl who has rocked DDs since middle school, I cannot recommend Moving Comfort enough. It literally changed my entire exercise life. I would always have to wear two sports bras and would still bounce. The fiona and the luna bras (the only 2 I’ve tried from them) allow me to run without pain for the first time in my life.

  18. says

    I think I am just going to suck it up and deal with the yak trax. I went out today in 5 inches of snow and it seemed to work well. Plus, I just bought a new pair of running shoes and can’t justify (to my husband) a pair of trail runners too :) I have a friend who puts dry wall screws in her running shoes for traction but that would require an old pair of shoes because there is no way I am putting screws in my new ones!

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