Easy Runner’s Stretch

So yeah, I woke up today to see my Garmin dead. I freaked out and stabbed a man. Then, I decided to charge it and take short walk with Ben. When I got back I didn’t feel like running anymore. I felt like crying and punching someone. But, I decided a run would make me feel better, so I went for it. (If you can’t tell it’s TOM and I’m ridiculous today :(  it’s out of character and I thought I’d note it.)

IMG_2241 (800x600)

I was supposed to do a speed session today, but I’m lazy. I did 2 1600s instead of 3. The first one was ROCKIN! The second was okay.

  • Mile 1: 8:34
  • Mile 2: 7:58 (walk break here)
  • Mile 3: 8:05
  • Mile 4: 8:34IMG_2247 (800x600)

Running Stretches – I often get asked about my favorite stretches and thought I’d share this lazy stretch I love. This is a good one for female runners because our IT Band and hips are often tight.IMG_2243 (800x600)

I sit in a chair and carefully cross my leg “boy style”. Then, I gently lean forward until I feel a stretch in my outer thigh. Be very careful not too tweak your knee here. IMG_2246 (800x600)

Do both sides and note any differences in tightness between legs.

Ben says it’s looks like I’m meditating. Nope, I’m just dreaming about chocolate cake…IMG_2242 (800x600)

Question: What’s your favorite body part to stretch?

Mine is my stomach – I can’t wait to Thanksgiving to get my stretch on!


  1. says

    hahahaahaha I like the stomach stretch! I think today was a crap morning for everyone! I woke up in a sour mood too. Good for you going on a run. It was raining here & I am a coward & stayed in. My favorite place to stretch other than my belly is probably my hamstrings! Feels sooo good! Also shoulders. They need it a lot. Hope your day gets even better!

  2. says

    WHAT!? I am doing this stretch while catching up on blog reading (I mean working…) great minds!

    I love stretching my hips, but I need to be better about stretching my calves. Or training my husband to rub them like a physical therapist would…

  3. says

    Stomach stretch – LOL. That’s hilarious. Are you this with your clients?
    Sometimes I use the Runkeeper app as a backup, it seems pretty accurate.
    I’ve been looking for a good stretching resource, because I don’t know what to call my favorite stretches. I often do a variation of the one you showed but I stand up and “air sit” holding a molding or doorway. One of my all-time favorite stretches is the one where you stand up, cross your legs and reach down to touch the the opposite hand to the opposite foot, then switch it up by recrossing your legs the other way.

  4. Nicole says

    I love hamstring stretches – just your basic bend over at the waist and stare at your kneecaps.
    I dream of ice cream sundaes…..then I wake up and wonder if anyone’s been looking at my flat butt as I’ve been hinged over.

  5. says

    Hmm, good stretch to add to me repertoire! I’ve been having some hip issues lately, so maybe this will help.
    I LOVE stretching my legs. Seriously…love. I also like stretching my back, though it’s more like cracking it. Such a good feeling hahaha..especially in the morning!

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