Weight Loss Wednesday–Chocolate Chai Tea

i love carbs

I get a lot of sh!t for talking so much about weight loss on Run Eat Repeat. But, the reality is I started this blog as a weight loss blog. And now that I’m a personal trainer my clients come to me to lose weight. Not one of them is just aiming to get healthier. Yes that’s an added bonus, but they all want to see the scale and body fat go down.

A while back I did a little series called Weight Loss Wednesday where I featured success stories. Well, I’m starting it over again, but now I’ll share a weight loss tip, snack idea or piece of gear to help in the journey or maintenance.

Nighttime snacking is one of my worst habits. I have been working on it, but I wanted a replacement habit to help fill the void. I spotted this Chocolate Chai tea at Whole Foods this weekend and thought it would be a great night time snack replacement.diet food chocolate tea

It doesn’t taste like hot cocoa, but it is definitely good! I added some stevia and almond milk and that really made it delicious.diet food snack

If you don’t mind artificial sugars I’m pretty much obsessed with Swiss Miss’ hot chocolate too! This is considered ‘diet food’ in my book – something I normally try to avoid, but I love these and have one almost every night in the fall/winter. I’m always cold and I love chocolate – don’t judge.

diet hot chocolate

P.S. – Did you see the Groupon today for Garlic Gold? I tried this stuff at Tina’s and fell in love. So good.

garlic gold dealI have a fun coffee date today – see ya later Smile


  1. says

    I willl look forward to these posts! Being in the Army I have certain weight requirements I have to make and I’m ten pounds over. Which is absurd because I am not FAT to say the least but I digress. It’ll be nice to read tips to help me out…cause apparently healthy eating and running doesn’t cut it.

  2. says

    I love the diet hot chocolate mix but it never seems super satisfying so I add a tablespoon of vanilla creamer and it is perfect! I might try peppermint mocha creamer next time.

    • Shannon says

      I really couldn’t get over the strong artificial sweetener taste. I’m not sure if making it with milk instead water and/or adding more cocoa powder will mask the taste? But the taste is undetectable in baked goods!

  3. says

    I make my own chocolate Chai tea. It’s similar to Thai Iced Tea. Brew up some Chai tea, refrigerate it. Then pour half a glass of tea. Add half a glass of chocolate milk (I really love the Old Fashioned kind by Dairygold–it tastes like melted ice cream!!). I drink it instead of iced coffee.

    It would also be good as more of a cocoa.

  4. says

    When I want hot cocoa, sometimes I’ll heat up almond/soy milk on the stove and stir in a square of dark chocolate. I just tried dark chocolate almond milk. Holy wow that stuff is awesome heated up.

  5. says

    Tea has always really bothered my stomach for some reason. No clue why.

    But I don’t see an issue with talking about weight loss on your blog. It is a good thing to hold yourself accountable, and a blog is a good way to do it. As long as you are not suggesting that one cannot be healthy without weighing X lbs, I think it is fine.

  6. says

    Why would people give you crap for writing about weight loss, when America is super fat!?!? Keep doing what you’re doing… as for that mug…love it! I love polka dots and mugs, and sweaters to hide my extra weight is something I totally miss. Living in AZ we get maybe a couple months of hoodies (not sweaters), you have to be able to peel it off when the noon sun comes out. Sometimes I miss living in Utah.


  7. says

    I bought that same tea a few weeks ago, but have not tried it yet…lame! The hot chocolate may not be the best health wise, but you need to be able to enjoy some “bad” stuff every once in awhile!

  8. Jessica says

    I have an incredible sweet tooth, I rarely have sweets in the house. However, I couldn’t live without the jello sixty calorie sugar free dark chocolate pudding snacks. For sixty calories, it is sooooo satisfying and exactly what I need (think I need) at the end of the day. Yeah yeah yeah, the ingredients aren’t the most healthy in the world, but you could do A LOT worse.

  9. says

    I recently found your blog and am loving it, Monica :)- you have such a fun personality! As much as I try to avoid artificial sweeteners, Diet Coke is my vice and I’m not even going to try giving it up…there’s always room for some ‘extras’ in life, including “Swiss Miss”! However the next time you feel like a splurge, check out Caitlin @ HTP’s recipe for hot chocolate using a melted chocolate bar…sounds heavenly!

  10. OntarioGirl says

    I love that you keep it real and talk about weight loss. Honestly, most people do want to lose weight even if it’s the last 10 lbs (my problem!) I love your blog :)
    I always need to have dessert after dinner, which is my biggest downfall, but it doesn’t have to be a huge dessert…just SOMETHING so I find if I have a cappucino (only 60 cal) or a tea that works because it makes me feel like I had “dessert”.

  11. says

    are you serious? i’ve been buying diet swiss miss from amazon by the bulk, too. haha. it’s awesome. 25 cals and perfect for warming the bones. i like it mixed in plain greek yogurt, too!


  12. says

    I have tried to go the liquid route when I get snacky, but I really need to be able to chew something. If I’m hungry gum will make it worse, but if I make sure that I’m just “snacky” then gum helps me.

  13. Katy A says

    You should try Bigelow White Chocolate Obsession Tea. It is good and tastes like hot chocolate (well water down hot chocolate! lol). I add a little agave and almond milk! So good! I also like Eggnoggin Tea from Bigelow!

  14. Lauren says

    Thank you SO much for these recommendations! I bought some chai mix from Trader Joe’s to satisfy my craving for something hot and sweet, but it’s PACKED with calories. Your recs are definitely going on my grocery list!

  15. says

    I guess sometimes a little bit of something we know maybe isn’t the best for us is ok, if we use moderation… At least that’s what I’ll tell myself.. lol.

  16. Laura W. says

    I saw online that Bigelow makes a Chocolate Chai Tea, but I can’t find it near me. The big, fancy, brand new Shop Rite in my town said that they don’t have it in their warehouse so it won’t be available in their store–I take that as saying that I should take my business elsewhere. Does anyone know where I could buy some?

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