Thursday Highs and Lows


My little Thursday was going well until I attempted to fix my hair. Remember a while ago when I dyed my hair blonde because I was having a quarter life crisis? #Low Point I still think that jelly fish stung me because my hair was so tragic. I deserved it. #Low point Over a year ago, I put it back to red and my natural hair color has grown out to my shoulders. See? My natural … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–PORN or POTM


It’s confession Thursday and I’m feeling extra nostalgic about my old Catholic school days this week since I visited my old church at Susan’s wedding this weekend. Yep, just like I remember it Confession #1: I am hogging all the eggs in our house! I cannot get enough of them lately and Ben loves them too, but he keeps getting yogurt for breakfast. That’s odd… Confession … [Read more...]