Confession Thursday–PORN or POTM

It’s confession Thursday and I’m feeling extra nostalgic about my old Catholic school days this week since I visited my old church at Susan’s wedding this weekend. altar girl monica

Yep, just like I remember it SmileIMG_2156 (800x600)

Confession #1: I am hogging all the eggs in our house! I cannot get enough of them lately and Ben loves them too, but he keeps getting yogurt for breakfast. That’s odd…IMG_2275 (800x600)

Confession #2: I skipped my run because I was supposed to try out a new boot camp this morning and didn’t want to be too tired (and look like a loser).

IMG_2279 (800x600)

A lady at the boot camp asked if I had just ran that half marathon (referencing my shirt). To me the Arizona RnR Half was a year ago, so I said “yes, last year”. She pointed out that the shirt said 2011 and I looked like I didn’t know what year it is. I kinda don’t.IMG_2288 (800x600)

After the boot camp my Catholic guilt caught up with me and I ran/walked 3 miles when I got home. I do feel better now Smile

Confession #3: I am pretty sure the persimmons I’ve been eating all week are not even close to being ripe.IMG_2291 (800x600)

Confession #4: I’ve been eating those fried onion things for green bean casserole like chips. I am not positive on this one, but I’m pretty sure that’s the most unhealthy thing one can consume.IMG_2294 (800x600)

Confession #5: I’m almost out of gas from my Soda Stream!!! I have been drinking seltzer like it’s water Winking smile

IMG_2295 (600x800)

Confession #6: Oddly, there are always raisins on the floor of my car. This may be caused by my favorite driving snack…IMG_2249 (800x600)

Confession #7: . Kim tweeted that auto correct changed #POTM to #PORN and now I’m trying to thing of a good #PORN challenge for January. Twitter amuses me more than blogs sometimesimage

Confession #8: Ben and I are taking a last minute trip to San Francisco this weekend, but I really don’t want to go. Between October being the craziest month of my life, last weekend’s wedding / half mary and the holidays I just want to stay home and watch House Hunters for 9 hours while eating fried onions from a can.

Got anything to confess?


  1. Ida says

    Persimmons always taste soapy to me, but I keep buying them b/c I really want to like them.
    If you have time for a blog meet up/run while you’re in SF I’d be interested!

  2. says

    I have been told that persimmons should be mushy and almost over ripe looking and eaten with a spoon. but I am never patient enough to wait and see if they are better that way!

      • Ellen says

        There are TWO types of persimmons and look similar but are pretty different fruits.
        The fuyu persimmon is the kind Monica has pictured above. Its texture is like an apple, crisp and crunchy. They don’t soften up that much over time.
        The hachiya persimmon is what wymberley is referring to. It has more of a pointy bottom and is super astringent if you eat it before its fully ripe. When its fully ripe it will be really squishy (like an over-ripe tomato) and you can eat it with a spoon.
        I love both kinds!! The fuyu kind is definitely less messy to eat though!

  3. s. says

    i have been loving persimmons, too :) except they remind me of tomatoes while i’m eating them … weird.

    also lol at #porn … i am really glad you’re doing the POTM… i’ve been forcing myself to get out more during the week, and i have noticed my stress levels are more manageable when i exercise that much more.

  4. says

    I have made so much lemon setzer on my soda stream that I think I smell like California. Also, I ate enough spicy Chinese vegetables for lunch, I think my hubs may never come near me again. I hope the lemon wins the battle of the breath.

  5. says

    Confession-I have a persimmon on my desk that I’m pretty sure is overripe…but I’m too scared to open it.

    Also-yay San Fran! Hope you have fun while you’re here!

  6. says

    Haha, yeah, I can’t have those fried onion thingees around either, I do the same thing.

    Confession: I’ve never eaten a persimmon! That needs to change! :)

  7. says

    So I recently bought a new car and upon cleaning out my old car of almost 10 years I definitely found a few raisins. It’s a rule that at least 1/2 of a vine of grapes get consumed in the car on the way home from trader joes.

  8. says

    Confession # 1 – I want to punch every single one of these OccupyPDX protesters in the face. Watched them disrespect our flag today.

    Confession # 2 – I clean up the dogs “messes” in the house and don’t tell my husband because I don’t want him to be mad.

    Confession # 3 – I managed to burn eggs onto a non-stick pan.

  9. Lindsay says

    Bahahaha. PORN. That’s so great. Whoopss. And I’m right there with you with the couch and House Hunters idea. Ok, the international one makes me green with envy. Do that many people have a vacation house in the freakin Caribbean. Guess I’ll live vicariously through HGTV…

  10. says

    Confession – I ate a persimmon yesterday and hated it. It was really dry and chalky in texture. I so wanted to love it. Do you think it’s underripe? I just have no idea if that’s the way it’s supposed to taste but have no idea since it was my first one (other than in the guac I told you about last week).

  11. Patty T says

    I have four persimmons sitting in a bag on my counter trying to get them to ripen. It has been two weeks, they need to hurry up!

  12. says

    My biggest confession today – I hate my job! haha, probably not anything relating to your topics above! I hate autocorrect, it gets so many words wrong!

  13. says

    I have grounded myself from peanut butter this week. I’m running my first marathon this weekend and I have no self control with any nut butter and end up eating a whole jar in less than three days and didn’t want to feel like ish come marathon time! But next week…bring it on.

  14. says

    Oh, but San Fransisco is sooooo much fun!! And so pretty!! And you can drive around and re-enact parts of “The Rock”. Not that I’ve done that. *glances around guiltiliy*

  15. says

    My persimmons have been oddly off-color too. I don’t eat them all that often so I honestly can’t tell if they taste unripe 😛

    And honestly those fried onion things are one of my favorite things at Thanksgiving. I always offer to help with the green bean casserole so I can get my hands into the fried onion can. My family is lucky if more than half make it onto the casserole!

  16. Emily says

    It is FREEZING right now in SF- supposedly its warmer inland. But seriously. SO COLD. My apartment is so cold I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Bring hats, gloves, scarves, etc.!!!

    Confession: I want to buy and eat an entire baguette.

      • Orla says

        Umm, it’s really not cold at all here in SF. You’ll need a jacket at night but during the day it’s nice. I saw showers are predicted during the day tomorrow but on no account do you need your winter woollies, just the usual dressing in layers you always need for SF.

        • Emily says

          Haha I guess I should have clarified it’s because I grew up in LA, so yeah, 50s/40s is pretty cold to me. And the drizzle tonight didn’t help anything. :( I miss SoCal “winters.”

  17. tiffany says

    yummm i LOVE persimmons. they don’t need to be soft to be ripe though! as long as they give a liiittle bit and have those brown specs on the inside, they’re usually delicious!

  18. says

    Hahaha!! You just made my day. I not only made the confession Thursday blog but the title too!! I was so embarrassed when I realized I tweeted about doing porn on the treadmill while watching my HOKIES play. Aye!!!

    Well I’m about to head to the gym for a repeat tweet of last week…Hokie football + treadmill + #POTM :)

  19. s says

    ridiculous confession: i bought 100 single-serve packs of biscoff spread. they have basically no nutritional value. yet it is only a matter of time before i eat all of them. with a spoon. i had to do some mental reframing (ha, i’m not even making that up) this morning to not go for seconds … lawl.

  20. says

    Love your blog! Autocorrect gives the most hilarious suggestions.

    My confession: Eating out for the second night in a row, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be convincing my husband to go out for hamburgers. Oops! (Thank goodness for my workout!)

  21. says

    My confession: I sat in the bathroom pulling random eyebrows out for 45 minutes (yes I still have some left) convincing myself to go for a run. One other one: After about 2PM at work I did nothing but look at running/fitness/healthy living blogs and finally bailed at 5, half hour early. SO was not in a working mood today.

    Auto correct can be SO disastrous sometimes!

  22. says

    Confession- I’m going to Vegas for girls weekend and my only real goal is to get smashed. I’m in my late 20s, it’s ridiculous.

    Have fun in SF- find somewhere really fun to eat and it will make it worth it. Go to the Bubble Lounge! So swanky and fun.

  23. says

    I used to make a canned fried onion, mayo, and cheddar cheese sammie in high school, ok and maybe once or twice in college too. I am SURE that makes it worse than eating them plain from the can. I could have at least added some lettuce or something.

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