Thursday Highs and Lows

My little Thursday was going well until I attempted to fix my hair. Remember a while ago when I dyed my hair blonde because I was having a quarter life crisis? #Low Pointblonde monica

I still think that jelly fish stung me because my hair was so tragic. I deserved it. #Low pointjelly fish sting

Over a year ago, I put it back to red and my natural hair color has grown out to my shoulders. See? My natural color looks unnatural to begin with. Thank you head with dogsBut, the old dyed part is lighter than my real color so I tried to dye the ends today. It turned out pink. #Low point

So, I made myself an iced coffeeIMG_2302 (800x600)

and enjoyed the most amazing Costco samples for a high. Sugar high Winking smile This is a pie crust spread with butter, cinnamon and sugar – then, rolled and baked. God bless us everyone. #High pointIMG_2304 (600x800)

I completely massacred my pizza for dinner. #Low pointIMG_2311 (800x600)

So, I put on some extra make up while cooking up another one on fancy sourdough bread. IMG_2320 (600x800)

After my evening clients I met up with my favorite OC bloggers for fro-yo. #High pointIMG_2322 (600x800)

My mom gave me a hooked up Yogurtland card a while back and I got crazy with it. #High pointIMG_2324 (800x600)

I polished this off in 32 seconds. In public. #Low pointIMG_2323 (800x600)

Margot did her signature pose. #High Point

SkinnyRunner got hit on by a vagrant. #Low Point IMG_2326 (800x600)

The fellow fro-yo lovers: Sarah from Once Upon a Lime, Heather, Some Mexican and Margot the Faster Bunny

I have friends (or people who are willing to take pics with me in public, which is basically the same thing). #High PointIMG_2327 (800x600)

What was your high point and low point today?


  1. says

    Love Yogurtland…..and your hair looks cute. I like it blonde. :) My low point was making a special trip to Trader Joe’s for broccoli slaw at 8:30 at night only to find out they were out. LAME. Totally could be worse, but it was annoying. Hope your Friday is full of HIGH POINTS! :)

  2. Christi says

    Honestly? My low point today was totally wetting my pants after my 6 miler with the baby. Childbirth killed my bladder. At least i had black pants on.

  3. says

    I understand the hair thing – i have done some stupid stuff to my hair. How long did it take you to grow it so long? I love it!
    My low yesterday was definetly roller skating at a school party for my son like I was the coolest mom on the block #howtoembarrassyourkids

  4. jen says

    low point: forgetting a sports bra to teach my Y Pump class. VS’s Incredible bra really lived up to its name for that one chesticle pain!
    high point: i tuned in my inner-kid and did some crafty projects with construction paper. don’t know many 25 yr olds who do that! oh, and no chesticle pain.

  5. says

    I love your hair color!! Died my hair back once to it’s original color which is dark brown….my hubby’s response was “Oh…THAT’S your real hair color?” When I got highlights again his grandmother (bless her heart!) said, “Oh I’m so glad you did that…you look so much better!” Guess it’s here to stay!!

    Low point today: chocolate chip cookie for breakfast (even though I have all day to burn it off)
    High point today: getting to work on time (the day has just started!)

  6. says

    High point- got in a pretty good swim
    Low point- I didn’t get to hit the hot tub after
    High point- took the kids for froyo and a good walk
    Low point- the froyo wasn’t that good, wth? what happened?
    High point- today is Friday….ALL DAY 😉

  7. says

    colored hair is totally in–I bet it looks awesome :) the picture of your pizza totally made me laugh!

    yesterday’s high point is the same as yesterday’s low point: i ate at least a dozen pumpkin cookies. awesome, yes…but i freaking ate a dozen cookies 1 week before TG. lol

  8. says

    I used to dye my hair all the time in high school. At one point it went from my natural brown with red highlights to light auburn, to red, to strawberry blonde – then one day in a Deb – while trying on trashy clothes I saw how ridiculous my hair was. It was orange. Like, orange. It took a “double processing” which meant a day in the salon, to dye it brown and then highlight it. Thank goodness I looked in the mirror that day.

  9. says

    Haha, sorry to hear about your low points (and yay for your high points), but I couldn’t help myself from laughing while reading this! As for your pink ends, trim ’em or just wear a bun 😛 I’ve too have had many failed pizza making incidents… High point: it’s FRIDAY (and I brought a piece of chocolate cake for lunch)! Low point: I have a pile of papers to grade…

  10. says

    My hair has been every color under the sun and even ones that no one should ever do. I think yours looks fine!

    Low Point – Being woken up extra early by a dying battery. Beeping, beeping, someone stop the beeping!

    High Point – All I’ve done since then is eat breakfast and now I’m reading blogs, but later I plan on hanging with my best friend and that’ll definitely be the high point of the day!

  11. says

    The red hair is the best! There was actually a random period of time in high school when I kept thinking that it would be so nice to have red hair. I just think it’s soooo pretty! Maybe it has to do with Ariel from the Little Mermaid….

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