Running Versus Jogging


Alternate title: I’m changing RER to Jog Eat Repeat… Last night at fro-yo we debated Roe V. Wade Jogging Versus Running. I guess by Kinesiology rules running means you have both feet off the ground at some point in your stride. Jogging means you have one foot on the ground. Standing means both feet on the ground. Needing the definition of standing means you’re dumb. … [Read more...]

Morning Boot Camp Training


Despite staying up late last night consuming reckless quantities of fro-yo I woke up before 5am for an early morning boot camp training. (More on this later!) I stayed up way too late last night so on the way home I had a debate in my head =  coffee vs. a nap I hope this issue gets covered in our next presidential election. Yes, I’m asleep here… Who is that doggy kitty in … [Read more...]