Perhaps a Persimmon


I never am undecided about food. Of all the foods I’ve eaten I know if I love it or hate it. Okay, most of the time I love all food (thumbs up!), but I’m trying to make a point… I can’t decide my feelings on persimmons. Sometimes I love them, other times  I think “eh”. This afternoon I ate another Fuyu persimmon while contemplating whether or not it’s gross or good. I … [Read more...]

Tuesday Truths


I had a noon meeting and 1 o’clock client so I brought a healthy snack for in between – apple and cheese. Tuesday Truth: I kind of find healthy snacks annoying. Snacks are supposed to be fun. But, I’ve been having way to much fun lately (see: daily chocolate chip cookie on vacation). Cheese Truth: ( Luckily, my manager brought snacks to the meeting! I … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Work Schedule


Happy Tuesday! Today is a cross training day for me so I am headed to the gym for Kickboxing. Then, I have two clients and a meeting  - guess my messy house and suitcase full of dirty clothes will have to wait Darn. I made an egg burrito for breakfast. Laughing cow cheese on the bottom, ketchup on top. Burrito-ed! I also added a piece of PB&PB toast for something … [Read more...]