Perhaps a Persimmon

I never am undecided about food. Of all the foods I’ve eaten I know if I love it or hate it. Okay, most of the time I love all food (thumbs up!), but I’m trying to make a point…drink it up

I can’t decide my feelings on persimmons. Sometimes I love them, other times  I think “eh”. persimmon

This afternoon I ate another Fuyu persimmon while contemplating whether or not it’s gross or good.IMG_2522 (800x600)

I think the inside is okay, but the outside is a little too much like eating a wrapper. IMG_2523 (800x600)Yes, I’ve eaten a lot of rappers wrappers. eminem pic(source)

I meant M&Ms… Never mind.M&Ms

Anyways, I just came by to tell you I made my No Bake Pumpkin Pie – pudding style and it was delicious!! IMG_2531 (800x600)I didn’t have another crust and the filling is too little for a regular pie pan. So, I made it in a bowl and served it like pudding. All I need now is some graham crackers for dipping…pumpkin on cookie

P.S. Because I was curious – here is the nutrition information for a Persimmonimage(source)


  1. kayla says

    i love persimmons, however, i always peel them with a vegetable peeler (or knife) before eating. i agree it’s a bit more work, but it’s definitely worth it!

  2. says

    I cannot stand persimmons from the grocery store.

    Here in Indiana, persimmons grow wild and they are probably 1/4 of the size of those persimmons and incredibly sweet and delectable. The things in the grocery store shouldn’t even be labeled the same name. Around this time, every corner store and farm stand is selling persimmon pulp (because you can just pick the persimmons off the ground when you go for a walk in the woods) and it makes incredible persimmon pudding or persimmon bread.

    /end persimmon overload

  3. says

    I’ve never tried a persimmon….for some reason they never really interested me. I think I would like them but not love them and for the price, I’d want to love them.

  4. Kelly says

    I love persimmons, but I have always peeled mine either with a paring knife or vegetable peeler. I first tried them while we were stationed in Japan, they are much tastier over there for some reason.

  5. Kate says

    Just wanted to say thanks for your fun, entertaining and religiously-updated blog, without with my RSS feed would be far less interesting. :) Enjoy the holiday tomorrow!

  6. says

    Apparently, you’re not supposed to eat the skin of the persimmon. I found that out the hard way this Sunday while visiting my boyfriends’ parents. I bit into the juicy looking thing assuming it was close enough to a peach or tomato to be eaten that way..only to see everyone stare at me while meticulously peeling their persimmons. Yeah, did I mention I come from Eastern Europe and get annoyed that people here in Holland think we’re not civilized over there? What a good way to prove them wrong..

  7. says

    I have a feeling the reason why sometimes you like or don’t like your persimmons is because you’re not letting them ripen enough. They’re supposed to be so soft you think they’re rotten…so maybe wait until they’re nice and mushy? I can’t tell what yours was like from the picture…

    And I’m only going to be in town from Thursday morning to Friday afternoon. I’ve got cats to babysit at home.

  8. says

    My dad has two persimmon trees that grow in his backyard, and they have been there my whole life. Not quite the same as the ones that you have been eating though. These are about half the size of yours, and are orange or purple. That, and the horses and wildlife love them. :-) I never thought to eat one myself though…

  9. says

    Dumb question – what is a persimmon similar too, taste and texture-wise? I haven’t had one and I am intrigued but I’m too much of a weirdo to go into it blind.

  10. fra says

    I love persimmon, my grandma used to have a persimmon tree so I have been eating them since when I was a little kid…. I think you are supposed to peel them, or at least that is the way I have always eaten them!

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