Thanksgiving Work Schedule

Happy Tuesday! Today is a cross training day for me so I am headed to the gym for Kickboxing. Then, I have two clients and a meeting  – guess my messy house and suitcase full of dirty clothes will have to wait Winking smile Darn.

I made an egg burrito for breakfast. Laughing cow cheese on the bottom, ketchup on top.IMG_2501 (800x600)

Burrito-ed!IMG_2503 (800x600)

I also added a piece of PB&PB toast for something sweet. (TJ’s crunchy salted PB is the best.) IMG_2506 (800x600)Okay, I gotta go – see you in a bit!

Question: Do you work a normal schedule this week?

My gym closes early Wednesday and is closed Thursday so I am off except for two appointments Wed.


  1. Rebecca says

    I have Thursday and Friday off because the university I work for will be closed but my husband has to work Black Friday since he is in retail. Luckily he does not need to be in until 6am so we will still be able to fully enjoy Thanksgiving Day, several of his co-workers need to report Thursday night for the store’s midnight opening.

  2. says

    I have 3 clients tomorrow, none on Thanksgiving, one on Friday and two on Saturday. Not too shabby! I also worked half days in the office today and yesterday. Have a good Thanksgiving, Monica!

  3. says

    I’m a teacher so I’m supposed to be working normally this week (up to Wednesday), but an asthma attack forced me to take off today. Now I’m on medication that you can’t drink while taking, and going to my in laws for T-day. Yikes.

  4. says

    Breakfast burritos are the best, I like mine with hot sauce!
    My office is closed Thursday and Friday :) I could work a bit from home, but I’m really looking forward to a long weekend! Time off is meant to be enjoyed.

  5. says

    3 day work week for me. Most people in my office are taking extra time off, but I’m staying to steer the ship. In turn, I’ll have 3 weeks off at holiday time, so I’m not complaining too much! :)

  6. says

    I work in a hotel so there is no day where we are closed. I’m lucky though, because there’s a guy at our desk who doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so he works and the rest of us get it off. And I have the weekend off too so I’ll be going to Maine!

  7. Denise says

    I work for the government so of course I have Thursday and Friday off. hehe And we have every Monday off in my agency – work 4/10s the rest of the week but it is sooo worth it.

    So my week is super short Tuesday and Wednesday (except I’m covering for my boss so of course this has already been a long day – why does the sh*t always have to hit the fan when she is gone?) and then a 5 day weekend!

  8. says

    My husband and I get to spend half a day today together and the next four days off. Although I’m not looking forward to watching everyone eat a bunch of food that I can’t eat, I do enjoy spending time with my best friend and her kids. We always have to go there after the stress of dealing with our families all day, lol.

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