The Best Thanksgiving Ever


I was going to make this  Wordless Wednesday, but I talk too much… I made the bed with the cat in it. Oddly, he likes it! “No mom, I’m not ready to get up yet! Thanksgiving came early because I had to “try” my sweet potato casserole and corn bread. Oddly, the TJ’s brownies I made for dessert are supposed to make 12 pieces. I only have 8. Hmmm. Even though Thanksgiving is … [Read more...]

Mizuno Wave Rider Pink Running Shoes


I really don’t ask for much in life. All I’ve ever wanted is… 1. No cellulite. (What? I can dream!) 2. A red car. (Yes, any red car.) 3. To always be the perfect temperature. 4. Calorie free chocolate cake. And 5. Pink Running shoes Finally one of those dreams came true!!! Apparently wishes you make on shooting stars go directly to the Mizuno In Box because a … [Read more...]