The Best Thanksgiving Ever

I was going to make this  Wordless Wednesday, but I talk too much…

I made the bed with the cat in it. Oddly, he likes it!IMG_2562 (800x600)

“No mom, I’m not ready to get up yet!IMG_2563 (800x600)

IMG_2567 (800x600)

Thanksgiving came early because I had to “try” my sweet potato casserole and corn bread.IMG_2571 (800x600)cornbread casserole

Oddly, the TJ’s brownies I made for dessert are supposed to make 12 pieces. I only have 8. Hmmm.IMG_2555 (600x800)IMG_2559 (800x600)

Even though Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year, I missed it one year to go to Costa Rica. It was the BEST vacation of my life and every year Ben and I reminisce about how awesome it was…

We ziplined – costa rica 9

Saw coatiscoati 2coati

Made friendsmy monkey

cow in the road

Drank Fresh Coffee and Coconut Juiceben costa rica coffeecosta rica 3costa rica morningcosta rica rain forestcosta rica vacationcosta rica volcanomanuel antonioparadise in costa rica 2happy couple

Climbed a volcano


Ate local food while being attacked by raccoons on the beach…paradise in costa rica

If you can take one vacation in your life go to Costa Rica (preferably, super sh!t faced in love with some random guy you just met). You might forget you’re missing out on turkey and pie. You might swim with sea turtles on Thanksgiving. You might fall in love and get married. You might, so go for it…


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    Have you considered the fact that it IS Thanksgiving and we humans tend to eat turkeys? Perhaps your fuzzy child was hiding in case you couldn’t remember the difference between fur and feathers……….Happy Turkey day!!!

  2. says

    I had to “test” all of my Thanksgiving foods too last night. Damn, I guess that is why people gain weight….it’s the before’s, durings, and afters. Oh well, at least I know it all tasted great!

  3. says

    OMG does that actually say “reduced guilt” on the package?!?! that is hilarious! And kind of insulting, but it’s so true that you can’t really be insulted.

    Also, my cat loves to be under blankets and things too. Strange kitties. Happy Thanksgiving!

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