Fro-Yo and Playboy

This afternoon I was craving popcorn like no other. I decided to put on any movie as an excuse to eat it (some foods go better with ambiance!). I found Forest Gump on TV! Score!IMG 2613 800x600 thumb Fro Yo and Playboy

But, the timing was unfortunate and Ben said I shouldn’t put the pic of Forest looking at Playboy on RER. Hey, I’m not here to judge…IMG 2614 800x600 thumb Fro Yo and Playboy

The theme of the day was carbs. After 2 bags of popcorn (bought the 100 calorie packs on accident), I had a grilled cheese and tomato soup dinn-ah. I also bought the low sodium soup and it needed a lot of extra crackers and cheese to be decent.IMG 2616 800x600 thumb Fro Yo and Playboy

Fortunately, I did make an awesome grilled cheese since I was watching some cooking show and they said the trick was to 1.) Make sure the grill was super hot and 2.) Press the sandwich down so the grease from the cheese came through the bread.

Done and done.IMG 2617 800x600 thumb Fro Yo and Playboy

A little while later Ben and I hit up Yogurtland because I needed it. Ah. So good. The weather really warmed up later in the day so this was very necessary. Note: They still have pumpkin pie and oatmeal cookie, but no eggnog flavor (which I really wanted).IMG 2620 800x600 thumb Fro Yo and Playboy

Now I’m sipping on hot cocoa while taking random personality tests online. At least I’m honest and weird.

See ya later!

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    Is the Yogurtland near you doing the 12 days of Christmas thing? The one by me every day Dec 1-12 they have a different holiday themed flavor. Obviously, that means I plan on eating yogurt 12 days in a row ;)

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    Mmm, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches makes me think of my younger years- my momma loves that combo and it was a staple, quick dinner in our house :) BUT my best friends momma made the best grilled cheese sandwiches using some type of white cheese [my momma always used yellow]… Something about sandwiches at other peoples house are always better?!

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