Sunday Set Up Nov 27


Remember a while back when I went to the Fit and Pain free Event? Well, the celeb trainer Kathy Kaehler told us about a little thing she does called “Sunday Set Up”. I loved the concept and am using it to inspire my successful week! Earlier today I raided my mom’s fridge. Her fridge rocks and I made myself a salad and half a sandwich   I also sipped on some chocolate milk. … [Read more...]

Grab Some Iced Coffee and Ben


Hello! I started my day with a little walk to the store for food supplies. On the way home I chomped on some grapes. Lately my omelets have been coming out looking pretty legit. Today not so much. Now I’m grabbing some iced coffee and that guy I live with and headed to my mom’s to hang out with the fam. I’ll be out of town next weekend, back for one weekend then gone again … [Read more...]