If You Can’t Write, Read


My carb-loaded dinner didn’t need appetizers (as I referred to them), but I had a free coupon from Blogher and cashed it in today. Pita chips are surprisingly good, every.single.time. I also picked up some avocado hummus that was surprisingly good! Dinner was pizza and roasted broccoli. My favorite food! (The pizza not the broccoli.) Okay, I had a very clever and insightful … [Read more...]

Hide The Cookies


Hello! How is your day going? I ate some bad watermelon mid-morning and broke for lunch around noon. I’m not sure it was noon because my power randomly went out?! (And yeah, I should know better than to buy watermelon this out of season. Watermelon Fail.) Luckily, reader Lindsey sent me this watermelon success she saw on Pinterest. I love when you send me fun watermelon … [Read more...]

Boot Camp and Cookies


Last night Ben insisted on making chocolate chip cookies. Luckily, I convinced him to make half a batch, but we still have had* a lot of cookies for two people! (Yes, had. Oops.) They came out good, but he didn’t put enough chocolate chip in and buttered the pan very generously (even though the directions said not to). I ate two last night and another BIG one in the middle of … [Read more...]