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Hello! How is your day going? I ate some bad watermelon mid-morning and broke for lunch around noon. I’m not sure it was noon because my power randomly went out?! (And yeah, I should know better than to buy watermelon this out of season. Watermelon Fail.)IMG 2721 800x600 thumb Hide The Cookies

Luckily, reader Lindsey sent me this watermelon success she saw on Pinterest. I love when you send me fun watermelon ideas!watermelon pops thumb Hide The Cookies(source)

It’s a beautiful day so Vegas is enjoying the outdoors! He’s also enjoying ignoring me. I might ignore his little scratches at the door to come back in. Two can play at this game cat.IMG 2723 600x800 thumb Hide The Cookies

LSD oreos Hide The Cookies

Since I’ve declared it my life’s work to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie, I keep needing to “test” Ben’s cookies to double check if I’ve found it. Finally I decided to “hide” them from myself.

Basically, I put them in a less convenient location to slow me down. Note that the vodka and knock-off Malibu Rum is also up on this shelf. We have a lot of vices around here wlEmoticon winkingsmile16 Hide The CookiesIMG 2728 600x800 thumb Hide The Cookies

Putting the cookies out of reach isn’t much more effective than making me open four 100-calorie packs to get my fill of snacks, but keeping them in eye line is always a disaster. So, putting them in a cupboard helps some. It’s the little things that add up to a healthy, balanced lifestyle, right?


  1. says

    What about putting them in the freezer? My downfall is peanut butter rice krispies treat frosted with milk chocolate. If I make them, I have to give them away. I will say that I make fantastic chocolate cupcakes. People will comment months after how good they are. It is too bad you aren’t on a quest for the perfect cupcake :)

      • says

        The cupcakes are really moist, and there is no eggs in them. :) You can come over the next time I make them…or just let me know when you are in Chicago next and I will be sure to make them then. :)

        I recently found a recipe for banana cake, using a browned butter frosting. That recipe is pretty delish too.

  2. says

    I made the watermelon mistake too. Duh, they are SO out of season and I bought two…sucks for us. :) Jess

  3. alicia says

    i so wish i were one of those people who can eat just one cookie and then forget about them. sadly, it’s not like that in my world.

  4. says

    I have the same issue! I have found somewhat of a solution though…

    I put em in the freezer! I actually put them in a container that is loud to open so everyone in the house knows when I’m getting into them. And of course you have to wait a minute or so to eat the cookie(s) which helps in preventing devastating the cookies immediately and going back for more.

    Cookies are my favorite. <3

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