Weight Loss Wednesday–The Zero Scale


While out and about, I picked up a Dr. Zevia (soda sweetened with stevia). I’ve had these before and loved them, but today it was not good. Weird. I also chomped on some veggie chips on the way home. Then, I realized I’ve been making this a bigger habit lately. Next year ‘not eating in my car’ should be a new rule. It’s not a necessity since I’m not that busy. Lunch! My third … [Read more...]

Cold Run Warm Oatmeal


Hello and Happy Wednesday! Last night I packed up my running gear to take with me to boot camp. When it was over I strapped on my Garmin and explored the area for 5 miles. The boot camp is at a school in a near-by city. It’s all new home development and shopping centers. Everything looks exactly the same, so it was confusing, but I made it back. It has been warm all week and … [Read more...]