Cold Run Warm Oatmeal

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Last night I packed up my running gear to take with me to boot camp. When it was over I strapped on my Garmin and explored the area for 5 miles.IMG_2726 (800x533)

The boot camp is at a school in a near-by city. It’s all new home development and shopping centers. Everything looks exactly the same, so it was confusing, but I made it back.IMG_2728 (800x533)

It has been warm all week and then this morning it was COLD! I was freezing for most of my run and rushed home for a warm breakfast. I decided to make hot oats to warm me up from the inside.

In the mix: Coach’s oats, water, salt, pumpkin, chia seeds, stevia, greek yogurt and pumpkin pie spice. IMG_2731 (800x533)

I also got a shipment of Somersaults yesterday! Since I don’t have any “real” granola I used these at a topping – delicious! I love the light sweetness and texture of this Cinnamon Crunch flavor.IMG_2741 (800x533)

IMG_2734 (800x533)

I also added dried apples, PB and pumpkin butter on top. Don’t stop until you add some top. ings!IMG_2736 (800x533)

Unfortunately, every.single.time I have oats with PB  it makes me nauseous. It kinda always has (I remember the first time I ate this combo at my college part time job! My office mate and I discussed it in length – Hi Yvette!). Maybe that’s why I say I don’t like oats anymore? (Maybe I’m more self aware now and would rather not deal with it?) Anyways, eggs will be back tomorrow. I’m sorry I ditched them.

Okay, I have an appointment then a ton of work to catch up on!!!

Question: Would you rather be cold, tired or hungry?

I guess tired. Not much of a fun game, huh.


  1. says

    I hate being all three!! My boyfriend always ask the question when I am being mean, ” are you hungry, cold, tired or have to pee?” So not the best qualitites! My number one tho is cold. I hate being cold. HATE being cold!!

  2. says

    I usually always end up being cold, tired and hungry all at the same time. Being hungry leads to me being tired. And being tired makes me cold. So I guess maybe I’d just rather be plain old cold (which I always am anyway, living in the freeeezing mountains).

  3. says

    I am not a fan of I try though.

    I went out this morning and ran until my Garmin said 4. It was 28 when I started and 34 when I was done. However you ran your 5 in less time than it took me to run 4. LOL I am slow.

  4. says

    Definitely tired. I hate being cold as much as I hate being hot. The temperature seems to have a huge effect on me. Besides, what better reason to chill on the couch catching up with my DVR than a tired day. Okay…maybe not 😉

  5. says

    SOMEONE please send Monica Mockingjay! I would, but it is on my Kindle.

    I would have to say cold I think. But then I wouldn’t be able to sleep and then I would be cold AND tired. But tired and hungry both make me cranky. Cold not so much.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  6. Rebecca says

    I guess tired since I’m super cranky when hungry, and cease to function when cold. Btw since you were on a choco chip cookie quest earlier- Consumer Reports gave Tate’s Bake Shop chocolate chip cookies the highest rating in a recent taste test

  7. says

    Your dislike of oats is refreshing. I don’t care how many fresh ingredients I pile in them, Bleh. I always want eggs and hot sauce! Dunno how all these bloggers eat oats every dang morning!

  8. Katy A says

    Eggs and cheese always make me nauseous. I thought it was the dairy on dairy but now just eggs make me nauseous which stinks because I love eggs. The only thing I can get away with is hard boiled eggs. But I love to make chocolate peanut butter oatmeal! Soo yummy (for me anyways lol).

  9. says

    Oh. I woul SO choose “tired.” That doesn’t really bother me. Cold –> drives me crazy!!!! Hungry —-> drives people around me crazy because I’m mad cranky! Lol.

  10. says

    I’m an eggs in the morning girl. Every once in awhile I fall of the wagon and go with oats but I always come back!
    I think I would rather be tired, it’s kinda a natural state for me anyway. :-)

  11. Robin says

    The *only* time I like to be cold is when I’m running, because that makes me run faster. I’ll take tired over the other two any day

  12. says

    I am a huge fan of those Somersaults, although my Whole Foods doesn’t carry the cinnamon ones…yum!! So far I’ve tried the plain sea salt ones (a perfect snack in between breakfast and lunch) and the chocolate ones (makes a good post-dinner I-need-something-chocolate-and-crunchy treat). My store also carries a cracked pepper flavor and a spicy salsa-type one, but I haven’t tried those varieties yet.

  13. says

    I’d rather be tired. Being hungry is miserable & makes me feel nauseous. Being cold makes me want to cry. But being tired is just an excellent excuse to curl up and watch TV. Perfect.

    Also, when you said that it was cold out, I looked at your outfit and thought “Holy cow she must have been freezing–she’s wearing a t-shirt!” And then I remembered that you’re in California (not upstate NY like me, haha)…ahhh, the relativity of cold.

  14. VanessaG says

    Gosh, that’s a tough question, but I would pick tired. I hate being hungry cause I get mean and weak due to low blod suagr, but being cold is the worst of all!!! I’d rather be tired and hungry at the same time than be cold!

  15. says

    You dont like nut butter with your oats??? What kind of blogger are you ;)!! I think I would rather be tired- sleep is never a bad thing! Hunger just turns me into a b1tch and cold makes me whiny!

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