The Best Thanksgiving Ever


I was going to make this  Wordless Wednesday, but I talk too much… I made the bed with the cat in it. Oddly, he likes it! “No mom, I’m not ready to get up yet! Thanksgiving came early because I had to “try” my sweet potato casserole and corn bread. Oddly, the TJ’s brownies I made for dessert are supposed to make 12 pieces. I only have 8. Hmmm. Even though Thanksgiving is … [Read more...]

Mizuno Wave Rider Pink Running Shoes


I really don’t ask for much in life. All I’ve ever wanted is… 1. No cellulite. (What? I can dream!) 2. A red car. (Yes, any red car.) 3. To always be the perfect temperature. 4. Calorie free chocolate cake. And 5. Pink Running shoes Finally one of those dreams came true!!! Apparently wishes you make on shooting stars go directly to the Mizuno In Box because a … [Read more...]

Perhaps a Persimmon


I never am undecided about food. Of all the foods I’ve eaten I know if I love it or hate it. Okay, most of the time I love all food (thumbs up!), but I’m trying to make a point… I can’t decide my feelings on persimmons. Sometimes I love them, other times  I think “eh”. This afternoon I ate another Fuyu persimmon while contemplating whether or not it’s gross or good. I … [Read more...]

Tuesday Truths


I had a noon meeting and 1 o’clock client so I brought a healthy snack for in between – apple and cheese. Tuesday Truth: I kind of find healthy snacks annoying. Snacks are supposed to be fun. But, I’ve been having way to much fun lately (see: daily chocolate chip cookie on vacation). Cheese Truth: ( Luckily, my manager brought snacks to the meeting! I … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Work Schedule


Happy Tuesday! Today is a cross training day for me so I am headed to the gym for Kickboxing. Then, I have two clients and a meeting  - guess my messy house and suitcase full of dirty clothes will have to wait Darn. I made an egg burrito for breakfast. Laughing cow cheese on the bottom, ketchup on top. Burrito-ed! I also added a piece of PB&PB toast for something … [Read more...]

Walking Around Healdsburg


Hello from the sky! I’m blogging on a plane going back home to Orange County right now. This was a quick turnaround trip, but I’m looking forward to my own bed tonight   This trip wasn’t really for pleasure so I spent most of the morning working on blog and writing stuff. Around 12:30 I decided to grab lunch. I went back to Big John’s Market for their salad bar. I was … [Read more...]

Healdsburg Run and Thanksgiving Approach


This morning I woke up ready for a run. But, my phone said it was 40 degrees outside! I haven’t run in that chilly of temps for a long time so I bundled up. I swear by the theory that the weirder you look, the warmer you are – hence the outfit… I didn’t have a planned route and just went in one direction until it ended and turned around to find another way. I ended up running … [Read more...]

Finding the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie


I spotted a cute little deli for lunch – Wild Sage. But, when we went there  they were out of the white pumpkin soup I spotted on the chalk board sign. Boo. I decided to go next door to the fancy salad bar in the grocery store instead. The highlight of this meal is the Carrot Soufflé (bottom right corner). Ah-mazing. I’m considering recreating if for Thanksgiving! I … [Read more...]

Enjoy Life’s Journey


Hello from Healdsburg! Ben and I got in to town late last night. When we checked in at the hotel the front desk mentioned something about a Continental Breakfast. I automatically assumed that meant muffins and coffee. But, this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find a full on spread of goodies! Ben made himself a egg and sausage biscuit sandwich while I headed straight to … [Read more...]

Boudin’s and La Texanita (from Diners, Drive-Ins)


I said I was going to eat my way through San Francisco today and I wasn’t messing around! As soon as we landed Ben and I grabbed a rental car and headed to the Ferry Building. He’s never experienced Blue Bottle Coffee so that was our first stop. This place had a super long line all day! This is the BEST iced coffee I’ve ever had. EVER. It’s called New Orleans style and I … [Read more...]

Off to NorCal


I woke up before the sun for a long run jog this morning . I am not cool and didn’t go to yoga yesterday like I was supposed to so my legs were super tight and tired. I cut it 11.5 miles and took a few stretch breaks. I had random back spasm pains around mile 7. I tired to stretch, but it didn’t really help. I think I need a hot bath But, there was no time! I came home … [Read more...]

Running Versus Jogging


Alternate title: I’m changing RER to Jog Eat Repeat… Last night at fro-yo we debated Roe V. Wade Jogging Versus Running. I guess by Kinesiology rules running means you have both feet off the ground at some point in your stride. Jogging means you have one foot on the ground. Standing means both feet on the ground. Needing the definition of standing means you’re dumb. … [Read more...]

Morning Boot Camp Training


Despite staying up late last night consuming reckless quantities of fro-yo I woke up before 5am for an early morning boot camp training. (More on this later!) I stayed up way too late last night so on the way home I had a debate in my head =  coffee vs. a nap I hope this issue gets covered in our next presidential election. Yes, I’m asleep here… Who is that doggy kitty in … [Read more...]

Thursday Highs and Lows


My little Thursday was going well until I attempted to fix my hair. Remember a while ago when I dyed my hair blonde because I was having a quarter life crisis? #Low Point I still think that jelly fish stung me because my hair was so tragic. I deserved it. #Low point Over a year ago, I put it back to red and my natural hair color has grown out to my shoulders. See? My natural … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–PORN or POTM


It’s confession Thursday and I’m feeling extra nostalgic about my old Catholic school days this week since I visited my old church at Susan’s wedding this weekend. Yep, just like I remember it Confession #1: I am hogging all the eggs in our house! I cannot get enough of them lately and Ben loves them too, but he keeps getting yogurt for breakfast. That’s odd… Confession … [Read more...]

Ask A Monican about Skinny Runner


My fun coffee date was with Skinny Runner   I didn’t want to just sit and sip, so I suggested an impromptu step class session right there. Oddly, she begged me to stop embarrassing her and suggested we take a walk instead. SR brought along the world’s smallest dog to help protect us from attackers. .Between the ferocious 2 pound guard dog and my coffee breath we … [Read more...]