11 Highlights from 2011


I’m weird about change. It makes me sad – even if it’s a good change. So, I’m a little sad about the year being over. I’m just hoping 2012 will be even better! Here are my top 11 memories from 2011! 1. Running the Rock N Roll Phoenix Half Marathon. This is one of my favorite races of all time. I felt GREAT the whole race! I had fun! It made me happy. I ended up beating this … [Read more...]

Running On Boca Grande


This morning Ben wanted to meet up with his brother and some friends for fishing on Boca Grande. It’s just 30 minutes south of his home town. I was just about to leave for a run, but he convinced me to go with him and run there. I’m so glad I agreed because it is gorgeous! Boca Grande is a small village on Gasparilla Island in southwest Florida. The guys told me this time of … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican– One Last 20 Miler?


Hello from Ben’s room in Florida. A new Ask a Monican is below   This is a mess. A delicious mess. I’m not a big peppermint bark fan, but I think those Dove ones are winning me over. I like that it’s thick (TWSS) Ask a Monican addresses: 1. I have time to do one more 20 miler OR get a full 2 weeks of taper – what should I do? 2. I was wondering if you take any … [Read more...]

Monica Runs on Dunkin


This morning I did a couple planks while deciding how I wanted to get in some exercise. I knew I wanted to fit in a Dunkin Donuts run sometime today – I just ended up taking that literally! DD is on a loop near Ben’s house that’s about 5.5 miles. I went the long way around and ran 3 miles, stopped at DD and walked the rest home. When I got back I chomped on grapes and cereal … [Read more...]

Fresh Ice Cream and Munchies


Today was jam packed with food based fun. This morning Ben, his sister, nephews and I went to Dakin Farm to visit the cows. I wasn’t too thrilled to be considered one of the Heifers, but I was forced to agree to this nickname as it was written on the woman’s bathroom door. Apparently, fresh ice cream is made from cows. Weird. I thought it came straight from Heaven. Ice cream … [Read more...]

Vagina Pressure


Hello and Happy Thursday! It’s Thursday, right? I dunno I’m on vacation   Last night Ben’s mom made her signature dish – Mushroom Chicken Casserole. Since this is the first time I’ve visited not vegetarian I tried it. The biggest problem with visiting my in-laws is too much good food. Yep, even hot blueberry pie a la mode. I’m convinced she’s trying to fatten us up so … [Read more...]

Trail Walk in Florida


After breakfast I headed out for a trail walk with Ben, his dad, sister and nephews. Ben was in charge of wearing the Garmin, a job he took very reluctantly seriously. Owen was in charge of carrying a dead frog he found in the car. He named him Hoppy. No one tell Owen Hoppy doesn’t have any more hop left in him… Today is Gorgeous!!! It’s a trail walk not hike because this … [Read more...]

Top Five Foodies of 2011


Hello! I was MIA last night because Ben and I joined some peeps at a beach bar for a very blue margarita. Okay the blue margarita was mine. It was too dark to take a picture, but I could share a pic of my still very blue tongue. That thing was like drinking ink! Before we left I had a loaf of that frozen buttery garlic bread. It’s dangerous. Dangerously good. I’ve been trying … [Read more...]

Workout Without Weights


Hello! I had a bad night of sleep last night because I thought I was going to be killed. Yeah, I was pretty convinced there was someone in the closet waiting for Ben to leave. I need to relax, or see a therapist. Maybe both. Anyways, this morning I wanted to run, but knew I should give my legs a break after 2 solid days of good running. I’m trying this new thing called … [Read more...]

Popcorn Disease


This afternoon I picked up a Publix sub sandwich for lunch. I don’t know if it’s because I can’t have them all the time or what, but I always look forward to them when I visit! Everyone was going to the movies and I was going to opt out (I actually don’t like watching movies at the theater, weirdo). But, I realized they were playing Young Adult, which I wouldn’t mind watching … [Read more...]

What a Beach


Hello! How was your December 25th? Mine was pretty low key because we did presents on Christmas Eve. Ben and I ate lunch out on the patio and just relaxed the day away   Is it sad I hid my favorite See’s Candy to enjoy after lunch? Pleasesaynopleasesayno. Ben wanted a bite, but not even a big man with a bat could part me from my favorite candy. Kidding. We had the bat … [Read more...]

I’m Like Santa Claus…


I’m like Santa Claus because I’d take cookies from strangers. I’m like Santa’s reindeer because I want to fly run around the world. I’m like Rudolph because I have a red nose head. I’m like the Three Wise Men because I’m always late. I’m like the Grinch because my heart is 2 sizes too small for my body. But, I’m the opposite of Frosty the Snow Man because I would die in … [Read more...]

Christmas Eve 2011


Merry Christmas! Today was full of traveling, naps, catching up with family and FOOD! Right after lunch Ben’s mom whisked me away to Publix to get essentials. Yes, Stacy’s Gingerbread Pita Chips are essential. Actually, anything and everything covered in cinnamon and sugar is a ‘must have’ on Christmas! After way too much tired snacking I opened up my suitcase and realized I … [Read more...]

John Wayne Airport to Sarasota Red Eye


Hello from Florida! It was a very long (and rough) red eye. Our seats wouldn’t recline, there was turbulence and I irritated my back trying to sleep with my head on Ben’s lap (I also probably started some rumors). We left a very empty Orange County airport last night at 9:30pm and arrived at Atlanta around 4:45am. Then, we have a 4 hour layover. I tried to sleep, but it was … [Read more...]

My Holiday Balance


I had my last work shift of 2011 today. It’s weird, but training clients one on one means you really get to know them. I’m going to miss my girls while I’m gone! I’m pretty sure they won’t be missing me though… as my BFF says, “Everyone is supposed to hate their trainer, so they might all hate you…” Thanks Btch. I balanced the steering wheel with my elbow as I ate grapes on … [Read more...]

Time to Wake Up!


Last night I stayed up too late eating tamales and checking email. I thought Ben was going to share but he was still full from dinner. More for me! This morning I got up early to get in a run before work. My client needed to come in earlier than scheduled and the wind really slowed me down. So, I ended up having to turn around early to get back in time. I did 9 miles and came … [Read more...]