Hookers and Blow


How was your Thursday?! Mine was WINDY! Southern California is getting some crazy Santa Ana winds today and my patio umbrella flew away! We just found it in a neighbor’s patio. They’re not our friends anymore as it impaled their cat, but at least I don’t need a new umbrella! Dinner was the most random salad of the year week. Toppings included a chopped sandwich, crackers, … [Read more...]

One December Goal


Happy Thursday! I woke up bright dark and early for boot camp again. I hope my body gets used to this new schedule soon! After camp I did an easy 4 miles. On the way home I called Ben and he was already at work for an early meeting, but forgot he ran out of breakfast stuff there. He asked me to stop somewhere to get him something. I went to a cute little place he raves … [Read more...]

Cookie Exchange Party


Last night I went to a cookie exchange hosted by my friend Pam. We met at a blogger meet up this summer and is the best! She lives in the nicest house I’ve ever seen and had it decorated up beautifully! Since Pam lives an hour away I carpooled with these girls. I spent the whole 67 minutes in the car trying to convince them to be my best friends and exchange BFF necklaces. I … [Read more...]