10 Miles To Vegas Rock N Roll Half

Happy Friday! My workout plan changed this week because I didn’t realize how jacked up I was going to feel after bootcamp. I planned on doing 12 miles on Wednesday and that quickly turned into 5 Sad smile So, today I went out for 10. It’s going to have to be good enough because I have to pack and get out of town!IMG_2843 (600x800)

Creeper in the bushes = MeIMG_2846 (800x600)

Because of the crazy winds yesterday the path was covered in leaves and sticks and small branches. I managed to avoid most of them, but ended up stepping on one that scratched my leg.IMG_2849 (600x800)

I ate pumpkin pancakes as they were ready so this is only one of three…IMG_2851 (800x600)

Now I hafta get some stuff ready and head to Las Vegas! I’m going there for the RnR Half Marathon on Sunday. I did the race last year too and it was brutal. This year they changed it to an afternoon race with a 5:30pm start time – that’s even worse!

Vegas is a 270 miles away from us so it’s just a long drive. Living in SoCal means it’s easy to go to Vegas a few times a year. The last time we went was in April.monica and ben

But yeah, I can’t go to Vegas and not drink. I don’t drink often, but in Vegas it’s just what you do, you know? Last year’s half marathon was a disaster because of vodka and blisters. So this year I’m not even going to stress about it and here are my Goals for the Race:

1. Show up.

2. Finish.

3. Not eat a burrito and wash it down with tequila as a pre-race meal.

Seriously. You’ll be dead before you know it and I’m not going to stress about this race. Since I’m not completely irresponsible I’m going to hydrate like a mo-fo starting NOW. This means I will stop and pee during the race (possibly more than once). I normally stress about how this affects my time, but for this race I’ll be mad at myself if I don’t stop and go Smile

Other plans for Vegas:

I’m going to dance (possibly in the hallway of a random hotel)vegas on fourth of july

I’m going to drinkmonica and susan drink

I’m going to have fun.monica needs AAvegas baby

And I’ll try and get some sleep at some point too…monica sleeping

Oh, and there’s a meet up on Saturday around 2pm – email me if you want information Smile Everyone is welcome! I may or may not come reeking of booze and barf. So, yeah I bet you want in on that!


  1. says

    That is exactly the reason I decided against this race…a Sunday night race in Vegas sounds like TORTURE! The siren song of booze and gambling in Vegas is too strong for me to be good, I’d have to get there like an hour before the race and I’m not sure if I could resist a few shots at the bar on the way from my room LOL.

    Instead, I’m doing a local half that begins and ends at a winery with a wine tasting and meal after. :) Still a little bit of debauchery!

  2. says

    Those pics are priceless! Vegas looks like such a blast. At least the race is at night, you could just wait to party hard until after it – to celebrate. LOL, but your goals look pretty good! I’m running a hilly Jingle Bell 5K tomorrow morning, but it’s no Vegas.
    Good Luck!

  3. Dean says

    I’m chomping at the bit to leave for Vegas! Being held hostage at work for the time being. I am not looking forward to the crazy 15 backup by the time I get out of here.

    I’m not a big drinker – but I may have to imbibe a tiny bit this weekend.

    I think 10 miles is plenty so close to the race – I would have loved to get in even 2 or 3 this week but it just didn’t happen. I had a clumsy accident on Saturday afternoon and hurt my back. Yesterday the wins knocked out power at 3am and then I was blocked in from getting to work by a few trees – so my plans for a lunchtime run were out. Oh well I’m not a super fast runner anyways and I’m just going for the experience. I’m sure it will be a PR either way because I’ve never had such a flat course to look forward to.

    Safe travels!

  4. says

    We ran the half in Vegas last year. I have to say it is my PR half! But I was pretty careful beforehand. And then, after the race, we sat at champagne brunch for like 3 hours! Highly recommend champagne brunch at the buffet in Paris.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  5. says

    Love your post title. Definitely an attention grabber. I love Vegas. Always INTERESTING to look back at photos you don’t seem to remember.

  6. says

    I’ll be in Vegas for the half and was planning to join the meetup on Saturday at the Ghiradelli store. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

    Unfortunately, I’m pregnant this trip so won’t be able to drink (serious boohoo!). I’ve never seen Vegas sober so I guess it’ll be…interesting?

  7. says

    I love Vegas! The drive out there from SoCal is great, the drive back…not so much! It took me 9 hours to get back to San Diego from Vegas when I was driving home from my bachelorette – but it was worth it :)

    Have sooo much fun and make sure to go into the Cosmopolitan to look at the pretty chandelier! & pose in the giant high heel, of course!

  8. says

    Great attitude – I am sure you are going to smash your goal :)! I went to Vegas last summer for my cousins wedding and what a blast we had–> so jealous!

  9. Summer says

    Just found your blog & I love it :) I wanted to do the Vegas half marathon soooo bad but it’s the weekend before my college finals :( Whereabouts in SoCal are you? I’m originally a ventura county kid!

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